Additional Rubber Sheet Mass and Size Database


I’ve started a new database of table tennis rubbers sheets, indicating their mass and size. Great credit goes to Silver (aka Silvalis) who has long maintained a database of rubber masses here. Since he was unable to continue updating the project for the time being, I have started this new database which is an extension of his, not a replacement. His database still contains a large number of entries not contained in this one, but the database below will contain the latest entries from the community and my own additions, and it will continue to be updated. So both databases should be checked for information.

Credit goes to the members of OOAK Forum and more recently the MyTT forum for continuing to provide the data!

You can find the new rubber mass and size database here under the Reference menu. I’ve added additional explanations of why the mass and size of rubber sheets are useful, as well as details on how to estimate the weigh of a rubber sheet on your blade.


Will you help contribute? It’s easy!

This database is a community project, so the more people that can help contribute, the more everyone benefits! If you can, simply weigh and measure your new rubber sheet before you put it on your blade, and provide us with the information, so that it can be added to the database and you’ll be helping other fellow players from everywhere!

You can either add  a comment at the bottom of this page, or if you’re a member of one of the major forums, you can add it at OOAK forum here or at Mytt forum here. Please provide the information in the following format to make it easy to add to the table:

Brand: (eg Butterfly)
Rubber Model: (eg Tenergy 64)
Sponge thickness: (eg 2.2mm)
Color: (red or black)
Uncut Mass (grams): (weight of sheet before it’s cut (remove plastic sheet if possible))
Length (mm): (from the bottom of the rubber label to the top, usually ~170mm)
Width (mm): (side to side when rubber label is at the bottom, usually around ~165mm)
Thanks guys!

Click here to go directly to the Rubber Mass and Size database