Adidas P5 Review

The Adidas P5 rubber features German High Performance Technology for offensive competition players and innovative engineering that produces high elasticity and speed in every shot. A unique balance in the material allows players to make powerful shots without losing touch or precision.

Featuring German High Performance Technology the adidas P5 offers ultimate performance for offensive competition players. The compact geometry of the top layer with a new pimple structure develops phenomenal rotation performance. The innovative large cell sponge structure generates highest rebound energy and speed. The touch feeling of the adidas P5 is very direct and precise allowing you to direct the game how you want it. Players with high training intensity and elaborate technique will benefit from the rubber«s full performance capacity.


  • Sponge: hard
  • Strategy: OFF/OFF extreme
  • Speed: extreme
  • Spin: extra high
  • Control: high
  • Pimples / Pips: In

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Review by Yogi Bear (with permission and thanks!):

This rubber should have been reviewed by me a lot earlier than the Tenzones and P7 but it was only until now that I have fully given time testing this beautiful rubber.
  • Rubber: Adidas P5
  • Thickness: 2.2mm red and 2.0mm black
  • Sponge hardness: about 36-37 degrees in DHS scale
  • Weight: Uncut 172 x 172 mm, 62-64grams
  • Blade: Adidas Avenger 5 and 7
  • Speed: OFF
This spin elastic rubber has been introduced by Adidas as a viable option for a Tenergy 05 and not as a “clone”. With not much practice nowadays because I’m too busy coaching, my control for the P7 and the beastly Tenzone diminished and so then I tried the P5 since a friend of mine really swears by P5 as the best he has tried.
Doing the drills immediately after gluing both 2.0mm and max P5’s on my Adidas Avenger 5 I noticed that it wasn’t as fast as the Tenzone or P7. The speed was more like Acuda S2 speed, still fast but very controllable. The P5 has a loud “tok” sound when hitting with it through the sponge. Driving produces a medium arc. Control seems to be top-notch and accuracy of ball placement is very high compared to tenzone and P7.
Next, I was excited to test it on looping. The P5 has a high throw, a little bit lower than that of the Tenergy 05 but still high. The is being projected in a high beautiful arc and you can see the ball having lots and lots of spin in it for both forehand and backhand loops. I could say this is a pure looping rubber simply because it performs nicely on slow and regular speed loops. Power loops or spin drives are still very good but this rubber is built mostly for closed to the table attacks up to mid distance. This rubber is not for mid distance power shots as the Tenzone and P7 were built specifically for this distance.
Blocking is also a good feature of this rubber. Both the 2.0 and max were very good for blocking. Blocking is very stable against loops and other attacks since the rubber is not as sensitive as Tenergy 05. Both passive and active blocks are easy.
Serving is good since the rubber is very spinny. Pushes are very controllable and spinny also. Since this rubber was designed for close to the table game, short strokes like drop shots and flicks are its strength inside the table. This rubber is very forgiving adding to the less sensitivity for incoming spin, people who will use it would find it user friendly.
I believe that this rubber is excellent for players who are looking for a very good alternative of T05. Its less faster by about 10% but I didn’t really feel a lot of loss in speed with almost equal spin between the P5 and T05. Good thing is that its a lot less expensive with some online sites offering it even for just 38 usd. I will not say it feels like a T05 because both are different rubbers but its a very good option. Players who love spinny looping and good feeling will surely like this rubber. Recommended for hard or medium hard blades. Recommended for intermediate to advanced levels of playing, 1.8 is good enough for beginners though.
Sponge hardness:
P5 is medium soft
I would say its above average in smashing but its not its best feature. Its more of a looper’s rubber. blocking is very good though. I wouldn’t say its light but average. Its lighter than T05 definitely. I’m using both for my fh and bh. The 2.0mm was enough for the fh since its fast enough with my strokes and the max version on my BH. I would say both sides suit the P5 but its more of a forehand rubber. I would particularly point out that it can produce a very spinny push chop that is ALMOST as spinny as a thin tacky Chinese rubber or a Donic slice defensive rubber