Darker Liberta Synergy table tennis blade

It’s not often that Darker bring out new blades, so when they told me they’re sending me a sample (which is quite unusual these days for any manufacturer) I was super excited!

Nice metal tags on both the forehand side, and the base of the blade. J.T.T.A.A approved. I’m unsure what the composite material is. It looks like some sort of carbon weave, but may well be arylate or aramid, not sure how to tell.

Here are some pictures of the new Darker Liberta Synergy, their new blade for 2017! Click to zoom in.






Here is the manufacturer’s description:

The new series of the innovation “LIBERTA” The first blade, coming soon.

Changed by the power of the gut.

[Yes, it is good. This is unique]

[The balance of feeling and flying distance is nice.]

[It is not so straight trajectory.]


[The control of the ball is most good.]

*This is impression from the good Japanese players.

The offensive blade which is equipped with new material of the gut structure to South Seas wood (Paulownia, Ayous, Limba).


It was successful by the development of the epoch-making glueing technology to put the gut structure on a blade that crossed with high molecular polythylene ‘IZANAS’ and carbon.

It realized a feeling released from the hardness of the plastic ball.


Review to follow…