OOAK Forum started a new Blogs section quite a while ago now, where members start a dedicated threads in the forum, reporting their table tennis ventures or news. It’s grown enormously over the last years, and has become a very active and entertaining section!

They’re all great reading with some terrific material, but in particular I recommend reading leatherback’s blog titled a half year in China, memoirs of a defender, which chronicles leatherback’s training at the famous Chinese National Table Tennis Training Center in Shijiazhuang.

Another blog I highly recommend is MNNB’s timely stream of consciousness table tennis ramblings, which is certainly unique in that it’s very active and provides us with the latest TT news and a lot more all the time! I just wish some of the stuff was posted in the main forum so more people could enjoy it.

I could go on and on about all the interesting bloggers we have. But better yet, if you haven’t checked the Personal Blogs section lately, why not take another look? It’s really gotten good lately. It might even inspire you to start your own blog! 😉