Joo Se Hyuk

A huge day in the history of OOAK Forum, where one of the table tennis greats, Joo Se Hyuk,  offer us an exclusive interview! Joo his humble and open in his answers, and gives some interesting and sometimes surprising responses.

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Some of his answer that were surprising to me were:

Why did you change to DTecs a couple of years ago and why did you change back to P1-R recently? Did (do) you change between those rubbers on a regular basis? If so, why did (do) you do that?

There are pros and cons for both DTecs and P1-R, and they vary depending on the table tennis table being played on. That’s why I switch back and forth.

I never really thought about how the table would influence which rubber I use? Pretty impressive how he can adjust to new rubbers for his next event!


What impact did ITTF decisions (like the 38mm ball) have on top level table tennis, and what influence do you think the new PVC balls will have (in particular for defenders and defensive style)?

The decision can benefit some players while hindering others. The players are somewhat weary because they have to make adjustments (in response to the frequent changes in the rules). Also, the PVC ball doesn’t spin very well. Again, it’s likely that the new ball will be a hinderance for long pip users.

Well the comment about the new ball does not really surprise me, and I got a similar impression in my own poly ball review, but it’s great to hear this from an elite player, and that they feel the same way!

You can read the rest of the interview on the forum here.


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