DRUM CWX has an even softer sponge compared to regular Drum rubber.

Our defensive artists Chen Weixing and Liu Song both use it. DRUM CWX is ideally suited for defensive play, but also creates explosive topspins.


  • Strategy : DEF – / OFF –
  • Speed : fast
  • Spin : high
  • Control: high
  • Hardness: 41°





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Drum is a typical Chinese style inverted rubber with a very stick topsheet. This makes it great for spinny serves, and for looping if you rely on the topsheet to spin the ball. It has a very firm sponge, which makes it great for hitting and blocking.

The sponge is like a wall. If you bounce a ball off a wall, it rebounds off quickly, with little dwell time. Similarly, a ball rebounds off Drum very quickly, with little dwell time.

If you tend to hit or to loop drive the ball with power and precision, and like a firm sponge, and a topsheet that gives great spin, then this rubber is right for you.

If you use a thinner sponge, then Drum is great for chopping because of the harder sponge and sticky topsheet.

Drum CWX is similar to Drum, but the sponge is a little softer, so more dwell time, and so more control.

U.S. Team Member Han Xiao (all-out looping style) uses Drum on the forehand; Former Chinese Team Member Chen Weixing (a chopper/looper) uses Drum CWX on the forehand. Drum comes in 1.8mm, 2.0mm and MAX; Drum CWX comes in 2.0mm and MAX. Tom Nguyen, Joola USA