Joola Mambo H review


MAMBO H is the latest development from Japan. The sponge is slightly harder than that of conventional MAMBO. With a special glueing technique the upper rubber, which is already designed for extreme tension, is then combined with the sponge. This results in an unbelievable natural energy. This In combination with the extreme grippy upper rubber surface probably make it the rubber with the most spin currently available.

MAMBO H is a high technology High Friction rubber, that has been developed at the very limits of spin feasibility. Unlike MAMBO C, MAMBO H must not be stretched when fresh glueing, as this effect has already been incorporated into the rubber.


  • Type: ALL- / OFF+
  • Density: 42.5
  • Speed: 96
  • Spin: 100
  • Control: 84


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Review by: Tuan Pham – Georgia State University Table Tennis Club President (published with permission)

Thought I’d give you guys my impression on Mambo H after I tuned it with CTE (5 layers).

First Impressions:
I thought this rubber wasn’t going to be as good as my Energy Xtra but I’d give it a whack anyways. Did a bounce test with it glued to my Mizutani Jun blade (used Juic Aqua Stick) and thought that the sound was ok (not as loud as Energy Xtra) and did not bounce as nicely but just as high. The topsheet is nice and gripy and I can definitely say that this uses a medium hard sponge (about the same hardness as DHS TG3). My whole setup felt much heavier than when I had my Energy Xtra on it but that was to be expected.

Practice Play:
When I played with this setup, I thought it was going to be slower than Energy but I was in fact wrong. My shots felt crisper and spin was much easier to generate, due to the gripy topsheet. So far it seems that I’m actually able to generate more spin on my serves that with my previous tensor rubber. During loop to loop rallies, I can see that the ball likes to stay quite low. It may be my swing but I think that my loops feel a lot better with this rubber. As for pushes, I feel like they are a lot easier to manage. My backhand felt a lot more powerful now. I was able to use a more relaxed swing and it felt effortless to land my backhands.

So far I noticed that the downside of this rubber is its short game. I think this is due to the fact that I am still used to playing with a tensor rubber so my feel is a bit off right now. Once I start hitting really hard, I feel like it’s not as fast as if I hit with Energy Xtra for some reason. It’s as if medium effort shots are faster but maximum effort shots are slower than Xtra. Blocks are also a bit harder to manage right now. I think the rubber reacts to the spin more but I’ll know more when I play next time.

Speed: 8/10 (10 being Glued Mambo C)
Spin: 8.5/10 (10 being DHS H2)
Control: 7/10 (5 being Glued Mambo C)
Durability: N/A (Will keep you posted on how long it lasts)

I hope you guys find this helpful. I’ll also post a review of Joola Air! When I get the chance to play with it on Sunday.

Update 1:
Without glue and tuner, the rubber is great for drives. but you have to change your swing a bit to get the right effect on the ball. pushes are great even without tuner and blocks go exactly where you want the ball to go.

If you’re used to looping with the glued version, you’ll have to over swing a bit (similar to looping underspin but not as much) to get the same rotation on the ball. Further off the table, with a slight open face you can actually rally pretty well. on the BH, i had to crank up the racket speed to get the loops right. Basically, you’ll need to put a bit more effort in your shots if you’re used to glue.

But if you’ve never tried this rubber before, the topsheet is truly grippy. with serves, you can definitely serve using the topsheet and a little of the sponge for spinny serves. for me the ball still went fast even i tried to spin using topsheet only but that’s fine. it’s probably b/c of my lack of “touch” skills. even when un-tuned/glued, looping underspin is actually pretty easy. when you make proper contact with the ball and swing high, the ball will generate a medium high arc. i tried using an abreviated swing (short upswing followed by coming across the ball) and the ball would barely make it over the net when looping underspin.

Pushes are also easy, you can easily control the amount of underspin you put on the ball and also how deep you want the ball to go. the same goes for the short game, the rubber itself is not super bouncy when you use a light touch.

All in all, i think this is a great BH and FH rubber if you’re looking for a controlled rubber and controlled loop. I feel most comfortable with this rubber when looping 2-6 ft from the table. i tried playing close to the table and looping off the bounce but it doesn’t suit me.

Favorite FH shot with Mambo H: sidespin hook loop and flat drive
Favorite BH shot with Mambo H: controlled counter to guide direction and quick punch at the ball.

it’s late and i hope my comments are making sense lol. but if you have any questions about the rubber please let me know =)

This rubber is still grippy and plenty fast even after re-tuning with CTE (like it will matter soon…Cry). The topsheet cracked a little bit on the outter edge but that’s due to the fact that my rubber is cut larger than the blade. The TBS + Mambo H is a plenty fast setup with great looping capability. The control factor is probably what I need to work on best. When it comes to forehand loop drives and loops, this thing really shines well. you’ll get a nice flat tragectory when you want to and you can raise the arc higher if you wanted to (but hard to control that for me). pushing still works very well but with the re-tuning, the rubber is extremely bouncy and it is, at times, hard to control the distance of the push.

For the backhand, this rubber seems a bit too fast for me and i would require something softer and just as grippy so that i could raise the arc for my swing more (*cough* JO Platin *cough*).

Serves are still nice and spinny when you want them and fast when you need them. Topsheet is also starting to be tattooed quite well.