Joola RHYZM review


Customized for the aggressive topspin competitor. Designed for top players with the help of world class players such as Germany’s National Coach and former World Champion, Jorg Rosskopf, JOOLA Rhyzm utilizes our latest rubber technologies to add extreme power while simultaneously improving the dynamics and spin of any offensive game. It features a combination of a new, extremely grippy and elastic top sheet over an extra firm 48° layer of sponge, providing superior spin and force. At the same time, Rhyzm’s development also incorporates technology that enables players to maintain extreme control in situations requiring excellent finesse and touch.

  • Sponge: Medium Hard/Very Elastic
  • Strategy: OFF-/OFF+
  • Speed: EXTRA HIGH
  • Spin: EXTRA HIGH
  • Control: MEDIUM/HIGH
  • Hardness: 48°
  • Pimples: In

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Reviews by Yogi Bear (with permission and thanks!):

My long wait was over since i bought a joola rhyzm from a local store. i was curious about this rubber since i heard some good reviews about this. the previous joola explode was a good and balanced rubber but there was some hype about this rubber so i bought a red one.
Joola Rhyzm
Thickness: 2.2mm
Color: red
Hardness: 48 degrees, more like 36 degree in DHS scale
Size: 172x172mm
Weight: 61-63 grams uncut
Blade: Stiga Intensity NCT; Adidas Challenge Speed
The Rhyzm comes with a medium hard topsheet and a medium creamy white porous sponge. The rubber is definitely a tensor despite the lack of a tensor logo. I would say the rubber has a fairly accpetable weight. its definitely lighter than Tenergy 05.

Driving FH & BH

the rubber is very much alive and lively when doing normal driving drills. I felt the speed the moment i hit with both in my fh and bh. S1 Acuda Turbo speed but controllable like the S2. this rubber is not noisy though unlike its samba + cousin.


smashing is very good. sharp, powerful and controllable smashes, those are the words i can describe this rubber. despite the medium hard topsheet you can fairly sink the ball into the sponge.

Serving and pushing

Underspin serves are very spinny and low, so were my sidespin serves. One thing i like about this rubber is the fact i can make fast, sidespin serves with great control.

Short game

I tried doing drop shots with it and it offers excellent control. Also, with flicks both on the fh and bh they were a walk in the park against spinny short underspin balls. This rubber excels in the short game definitely.


This is both a looping and loop driving rubber. Despite the medium hard topsheet, the ball sinks into the medium sponge beautifully to produce strong spins. It had a medium to high throw. It had a nice arc but not as high as that of the tenzone or T05. I was loop driving the ball. above the table off the bounce/on the rise and it produced a low sharp spinny ball with a sharp trajectory. So far this rubber is good both on near the table and medium distance away from the table (5 ft). I haven’t tried it far from the table yet.

Countering and blocking

I found it better in countering than blocking due to the fact that I was able to control the rubber more during counters than in blocking. I would rate the blocking as above average but excellent on counters.
This rubber felt like an Acuda S1 Turbo but more forgiving and offers more spin. I was tied to the acuda s2 as my bh rubber for 2 years but now i think ill keep the rhyzm as my backhand rubber. it felt very spinny for my bh loops and offered the same control on what I had with the S2 but is a lil bit faster.
The Rhyzm is strongly recommended for players who wants a fast and spinny rubber both on the fh and bh with excellent control, more emphasis on the spin. This rubber is balanced on its capabilities. Its different from the X-plode because it has a softer feel but more or less the same spin with more speed. A 2.0mm version of this would be good enough for intermediate players.