Adidas Technologies:

Rubber Technology:

The adidas rating profile

The adidas rating profile depicts the characteristics of the respective adidas rubber. It is based on the four criteria speed, the ability to generate spin, precision and tolerance.Precision is the ability to place the ball on the target spot. Tolerance is the ability to absorb technical mistakes.



In extreme situations the material will make the difference if you can win the point. The brand-new TenZone rubber generation from Adidas has been developed for exactly this situation – highest performance at the limits of the game.


Performance series

With the P3 and the P5 the Adidas Performance series includes two high-end products which are able to provide and match the levels of precision, speed and spin that are the decisive success factors in modern high performance table tennis.
A new sponge structure with enlarged pores combined with a special pips geometry produces spinny loops with arc-like ball trajectory.

Blade Technology

Fibertec series

The brand-new FiberTec series from adidas combines high tech materials with carefully selected veneer creating a new dimension of power and control.

Challenge series

adidas Table Tennis makes good things even better! The adidas Challenge Series is the modern interpretation of all-wood blades, giving you natural feeling and perfect control to match the requirements of modern table tennis. Classic plywood constructions have been carefully analysed and new designs created. Three variations are available: Challenge Speed for powerful offensive play, Challenge Force for topspins with control and Challenge Light for an allround game.

Vacuum series

Vital advantages from vacuum processing! The V-blades are produced with a new manufacturing process – the vacuum process! In a vacuum environment a blade can be exposed to higher temperatures for a longer period of time. This intensifies the blade´s dehumidification and seals the pores at the same time.

From this vital advantages arise:

  • lighter and harder than conventional blades
  • increased bending resistance and stability at reduced weight
  • moisture-repellent
  • eco-friendly due to use of domestic wood species instead of tropical ones

Classic series

For experts by experts!
Based on classic construction the adidas expert team in countless tests has selected combinations of veneer that are carefully fine tuned and processed under highest quality levels. The result are high performance blades with very individual character.


Apparel Technology


CLIMALITE® offers optimum moisture management. Sweat gets absorbed by the fabric and passed to the outside where is can evaporate. The result is a dry and comfortable feeling of wear and optimum regulation of the body climate.


adidas Shirts and Shorts with FORMOTION® Design are specifically developed for the needs of table tennis. The avoidance of seams under the arms guarantees optimum freedom of movement. The slightly longer fit in the rear offers perfect fit in the bent forward position of service and return.


Footwear Technology


CLIMACOOL® is as system combining moisture-managing materials and ventilation in key areas for efficent evaporation of sweat and 360 degree ventilation to help regulate an athlete’s body temperature for improved efficientcy and comfort.


adiPRENE®+ is a lightweight cushioning material with excellent resiliency used in the forefoot of adidas shoes for impact absorption and a dynamic, responsive feel. adiPRENE®+ can be a midsole insert or can be used for the entire forefoot itself.


adiPRENE® is a highly shock absorbent material that cushions and protects your heel at impact.


TORSION® SYSTEM provides lightweight arch support while allowing the forefoot and rearfoot to move freely for surface adoption, and to stabilize the foot. Years of development have resulted in versions of the TORSION® SYSTEM which are specific to forward motion sports or lateral movement sports. These activity-specific systems support the midfoot and serve as plattforms for extended control.


In toe-dragging sports major stress is put on the toe area of a shoe. A kind of toe-guard is needed. adiTUFF® is an abrasion-resistant material used in the toe and/or lateral forefoot area of a shoe’s upper to protect from excessive wear!


The non-marking rubber outsole profile is designed to provide best grip for linear and lateral movements.