The Company: JOOLA Tischtennis GmbH + Co. KG


Champions tables and more…


The brand JOOLA (“YOH-LAH”) has its origin in the 1950s when it was popular to combine the names of companies and cities. The sports department of the department store JOOss in LAndau was involved in the production of the first table tennis tables in 1952.

The credit of the establishment of this brand, which has subsequently become a market leader rests with Karl Frey, the former owner of the company Fr. Th. Jooss, who died in 1991. As early as 1954 “table tennis production” became an independent department within the group and when demand exploded it finally moved from Landau to Godramstein in 1963.


At the same time this department freed itself from the mother company and an independent company was founded. Despite taking over additional buildings the production capacity was reached and a new building became inevitable in 1970. After 10 months of construction the factory in Siebeldingen was ready for occupancy in 1973 – 1800 m² production, 1200 m² warehousing and 700 m² office area was designated to meet the requirements.

In 1979 Michael Bachtler who had been responsible for the company as managing director since 1968 took over the company. He is assisted by reputable table tennis specialists.

The marketing plan: orientating by top performance sports

Developing products in all price levels is persitently based upon top performers within the sport. Naturally JOOLA supports the top performers. JOOLA assists the stars, supports talents to maintain their career, assists leading European clubs, the German and many national associations, equips the major international events with excellent playing material. The result of all these efforts is a team of top players, material experts, national trainers and champion clubs that use JOOLA products and pass on their experience to JOOLA.


Jörg Roßkopf and Steffen Fetzner, both the only World Champions of German table tennis have been attached to JOOLA since the beginning of their careers and represent fighureheads in the JOOLA belief in quality at top performing level.

Classic distribution system

Since the company was established our distribution policy is designed to suit the demands of the table tennis market. While the domestic market is covered in any possible way, exports are made via wholesalers acting as general agencies. In 1977 JOOLA France was founded as a subsidiary in Colmar and in 1992 a joint venture for the production of table tennis tables in Hungaria (JOOLA Hungaria).

Complete range of products: everything for table tennis sports

There is virtually no other table tennis brand which offers such a wide range of table tennis products like JOOLA.
JOOLA tables are manufactured in the factory in Siebeldingen – from coating the boards to the undercarriage. A modern, fully automatic lacquering line with a possible capacity of 30 tables per hour is the basic equipment. These high quality products are probably the most used in European competitions and were also official equipment at the following top events:

  • Olympic Games 1996, 2000, 2004
  • Paralympics 1992, 2000, 2004
  • World Championships 1989
  • World Cups Men and Women 2000 – 2006
  • European Championships 1992, 2000, 2005
  • Asian Championships 2000
  • African Championships 2003
  • Europe Top 12 1994 – 2000, 2005, 2007
  • Junior World Championships 2003 – 2007
  • Open Championships in Germany, Qatar, France, Austria, Italy, England, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Greek, Chile, Russia
  • National Championships in Germany, France, Austria, England, Switzerland, Hungary

The range of JOOLA accessories is complete – bats, balls, blades and rubbers for competitions are produced worldwide, however until they are ready to go into production our experts do all the development and testing.

JOOLA was the first company that didn’t just copy the products of general sports textiles several years ago, but designed textiles especially suited for table tennis with the assistance of German and foreign top players. The various products are manufactured in Germany and abroad and are exclusively sold under the JOOLA brand.