I got a Tibhar 1Q rubber off a friend who was annoyed when he tried to glue it to his oversize blade. You would not believe what the issue was!!!

Apparently Tibhar, in their great wisdom, decided that putting a label at the top of a rubber sheet as well as on the bottom, would be useful for players in helping them to line of the rubber when gluing. Of course this was fine since all real players only use Tibhar blades and only use standard size blades, right???

What they have done is put a little label with ‘tibhar’ at the top of the rubber. I hear there were some instructions inside the packet on how to line up the rubber, and the label at the top may perhaps help this. But how could a big and reputable company not consider that some players may use oversize blades, which meant that this label would end up near the tip of the bat, making it illegal?

There was nothing on the outside of the package indicating this label, and not surprisingly the more recent 1QXD and 5Q do not have this label. I’m not sure if they’ve fixed up the future versions of 1Q, but to me this is a pretty embarrassing mistake from Tibhar.  On the particular oversize blade above, the label ends up just near tip of the blade, and it would end up just past the top of the blade on a standard size blade.

So this is a warning to everyone considering this rubber…don’t use it on an oversize blade, or check with your dealer first to make sure it does not have this label on the rubber.

It’s a really nice rubber apart from this, and I’ll post my review here soon.