Tibhar Texo ALL blade reviews


Tibhar Texo Allround.  Here balance is the key word to describe this design which transmits steadiness directly into the shot resulting in confident stroke play. The classical design not only looks great it also incorporates demanding characteristics for inspiring allround play. TEXO ALL is perfectly adapted for controlled, adjustable and spin-oriented strokes plus game changing block, push and counter shot action.


  • Speed: 70
  • Control: 90
  • Weight: 85g
  • Style: ALL+
  • Plies: 5ply
  • Handle options: FL, ST, AN


Reviews by Yogi Bear (with permission and thanks!):

Texo ALL+ blade

  • Size; 150x155mm
  • weight: 84 grams
  • thickness: 6.3-6.4mm
  • plies: 5 (seems like a limba outer ply and ayous inner plies, the secondary white plies i dont know)
  • speed: all+
  • feel: medium soft
  • rubbers used: 1Qxd, Aurus Soft and RITC 837


The slowest among the Texo series blades but the thickest, this blade was built just like a classical all around blade. The handle is a bit squarish but comfortable enough. The blade has a very good construction and has quality finish. Bouncing the ball on its produced a low pitched sound like a “thonk!” sound.



At first try, this blade was a bit slow for my liking especially that it was built mainly for an all around based game. The sensation and feeling of the ball upon impact however made me appreciate the blade’s characteristics that I have taken for granted the past years. Yes this is a slow blade. Its a little bit faster than the All around classic or the newer Icon sensitec blade but  not too slow to be a defensive blade.
The xd rubber being a super fast rubber was a bit tamed on this blade. Their combination produced a mid fast looping set up with good dwell time to brush the ball properly. A slower set up like the aurus sound made the blade even more a looping blade with better control and spinning capabilities.
Blocking seemed so good with the Texo all+ especially coupled with a soft rubber for absorbing strong shots or putting faster rubbers like the XD for a faster return.
Lastly, long pips for an LP hitter’s set up is also good with this blade. I didn’t like it in chopping but hitting with LP’s is good. much better than what i used in the Icon sensitec. The all+ is slow enough at the same time fast enough that LP’s have retain their effect on the ball and not lose them due to too much speed.
For a developing player that would like a blade which excels in an all around game like pushing, blocking, hitting and even looping. for advance players that use LP to block or hit, this blade suits you.