Re-Impact Smart blade review

A comprehensive review with pictures of the Re-Impact Smart blade. The Smart blade is a balsa-based combination blade, that not only has considerably different speeds on either side of the blade, but also quite different characteristics. This makes it highly suitable for certain specific styles, which will also be discussed […]


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TSP Super Spinpips and Spectol Review

A detailed review of the TSP Super Spinpips rubber, a high grip short pimple rubber allowing you to spin the ball almost like inverted rubbers, but still give you the advantages that short pimples offer. Also a comparison to the popular TSP Spectol is included. Below is a review and […]


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Donic Spike P1 and P2 Long Pimple Rubber Review

Donic has recently (2015) released two new long pimple rubbers, the Spike P1 and Spike P2. Below is a detailed review of these two new long pimple rubbers, outlining the main characteristics, comparing them to either other, and comparing them to other well known long pimple rubbers. These rubbers were […]


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Plastic balls – video review & comparisons

A comprehensive and detailed video series on the new plastic table tennis balls. This series covers measurements, testing, reviews, player opinions and placebo effect. Although it’s the Joola plastic ball being random sample tested, a lot of the observations about T3 and the results will apply equally to other plastic […]


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Victas Dynawood and Dynawood Power Blades

Years of development has led Victas to release of the Dynawood blade, which uses wood-fiber technology to bring the benefits of composite blades to an all-wooden blade. These “made in Japan” blades are of the highest quality, as we’ve come to expect from the Victas brand.   Dynamic Wood Technology […]


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DHS 40+ plastic ball review

A review of the new 40+ plastic table tennis ball from DHS. Comparison are made to current celluloid balls in terms of size, uniformity, colour, bounce, performance in play and durability. Also comparison are made to the new Nittaku 40+ plastic balls, which were reviewed earlier. Are these balls better […]


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Victas VS > 402 Double Extra and VS > 402 Limber

Reviews, detailed information comparison of the new rubbers for 2014 from Victas, the  VS > 402 Double Extra and VS > 402 Limber. These German-made rubbers focus on extreme spin and offer a variety of sponge hardness options to suit the particular style and preference of players. The VS stands […]


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Joola’s new MAXXX-P and RHYZM-P Reviews

Detailed information and reviews of the new Joola’s new MAXXX-P and RHYZM-P rubber, designed to give extra performance with the new Plastic / Poly table tennis balls. Judging by many recent reviews of the new plastic table tennis balls, these balls have somewhat different characteristics, including them being slower and […]


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Avalox AVX P900 and RUIBA Bloodwood Carbon

Avalox has just released some of their new ‘made in Sweden’ blades, the P900 and the Ruiba. Here are some details and pictures, reviews will come later.       The Avalox P900 Excellent combination of specially selected 9-ply natural wood that enables high level allround offensive play. These are […]


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Victas VS > 401 review – outstanding rubber for modern defenders

A detailed review of the new Victas VS> 401 rubber, an extremely spinny rubber, suited particularly well for modern defender style, i.e. players that chop with heavy backhand, but also attack upon opportunity. The review covers comparisons of all 3 thicknesses that this rubber is made in, 1.5mm, 1.8mm and […]


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