Donic Company Profile


It took DONIC only 25 years to grow to one of the most important table tennis brands world-wide!

Karl-Heinz & Frank Schreiner – CEO

Excellent results are often based on simple principles. DONIC believes in quality, innovation and speed.

To be the first on the market with a new product is DONIC’s tradition, e.g. EPOX, DOTEC and the SENSO technology for blades, FORMULA DONIC, SOUND SYSTEM and the FAKTIS TECHNOLOGY in rubber production, functional fabric in textiles, TWIN COMPACT and SUPER COMPACT technology used for tables. Permanent innovations for more than 25 years have powered DONIC to one of the most renowned table tennis brands in the world.

Today we develop and test in our headquarters in Völklingen. In cooperation with the best table tennis player of all time and a lot of other top players we test our latest innovations very thoroughly.


Jan-Ove Waldner …the best table tennis player of all time!!!

Jan-Ove Waldner
Olympic Champion
6-times World Champion,
11-times European Champion,
7-times Top 12 Winner,
Twice World Cup Winner

Jan-Ove Waldner. For more than 20 years without interruption (!) he belonged to the top players in the world ranking list. The Olympic Winnerof Barcelona won two World Singles titles, two Vice World Champion titles and two Bronze Medals at World Championships.
He is under contract with DONIC since 1993. At the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens he was the only European who reached the semi-final and this at the remarkable age of 38 years.


Jörgen Persson …Jörgen Persson the tall blond with the fighting spirit

Jörgen Persson
5-times World Champion,
9-times European Champion,
Top 12 Winner, World Cup Winner

Jörgen Persson, also Men’s Singles World Champion, European Singles Champion, Top 12 Winner, World Cup Winner – and a great sympathetic personality in table tennis. As team player he achieved 4 World Champion titles with the Swedish National Team.

At the age of 41 Jörgen took for the sixth time part at the Olympic Games in Beijing and fought for the only title that was still missing from his collection: an Olympic Medal. With matchless stamina he played round after round and was the only European player who achieved the semi-final in the men’s single.