Xiom Omega VII Asia Review – good alternative to Tenergy 05

Xiom Omega 7 Asia is the latest rubber from Xiom for 2018. The Asia version usually refers to a high spin topsheet with firmer sponge, and this rubber is no exception. Extreme spin and high speed makes it a suitable alternative to the popular Tenergy 05. Information from Xiom: IMPROVED […]


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Joola Golden Tango Review

Review of the new Joola Golden Tango, one of the rare Tacky Tensors on the market, and a rubber suitable for modern defenders, with plenty of attack potential. The new JOOLA Golden Tango is „Made in Germany“, combining the advantages of a tacky upper rubber, usually characteristic of Chinese rubbers, […]


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New ABS Table Tennis Balls for 2017/2018

Plastic table tennis balls became legal for competition in 2014. Although the old celluloid balls remained legal as well, manufacturers quickly saw the writing on the wall, and started phasing out celluloid balls. As well as a change from celluloid to plastic, the ITTF imposed a requirement (with no apparent […]


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Tibhar Aurus Prime & Aurus Select review

Tibhar is about to release two new rubbers in July 2017, the Aurus Prime and the Aurus Select. As Tibhar Australia distributor I received some sample before the release date, which I felt justified a detailed review. Tibhar did not ask this off me, so I’m giving my honest review, […]


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Tibhar MX-P Review – great alternative for Tenergy 80

The Evolution series is Tibhar’s most successful line of professional rubbers, and still the most popular alternative to the Butterfly Tenergy series to date. The Tibhar Evolution MX-P, the fastest in the Evolution series is reviewed here. Manufacturer’s info: This version confers the highest dynamic and thus makes MX-P the […]


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Victas Quartet AFC – most hi-tech composite blade on the market?

One of the latest blades from Victas, used by Koki Niwa himself, would have to be one of the most hi-tech blades on the market. It has 4 composite layers, 2 on either side, and each designed for different and a specific purpose. Here is the manufacturer’s info, plus addition […]


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Darker Liberta Synergy – new composite blade for Darker 2017

It’s not often that Darker bring out new blades, so when they told me they’re sending me a sample (which is quite unusual these days for any manufacturer) I was super excited! Nice metal tags on both the forehand side, and the base of the blade. J.T.T.A.A approved. I’m unsure […]


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TSP Ventus Speed Review

As it’s off-season, I’ve had some time to experiment with some new rubbers, so this time I decided to test TSP Ventus Speed, which I had never tried before. Here is the manufacturer’s description: Ventus Speed is the hardest and fastest variant of the TSP Ventus series. When designing this […]


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TSP Regalis Blue / Red Review

TSP Regalis is a new (2016) rubber from TSP made in Japan designed for use with plastic balls. Unlike the latest generation of most Tensors or tensioned rubbers that tend to have a high catapult causing loss of control, the Regalis are very linear, offering high speed that varies depending […]


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Dr Neubauer Matador Blade Review

Comprehensive details and review of the Dr Neubauer Matador blade. The Hercules blade is specifically optimised for pimple or anti-spin rubber that work well on faster blades, and is ideally suited to all styles of a disruptive styles of play. Review is kindly provided by Matt Pimple from OOAK Forum. […]


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