Xiom Omega VII Hyper

Xiom Omega VII HYPER – World’s First Hybrid Rubber


You might think that this is just another OMEGA 7. But OMEGA 7 HYPER is built on unique concept with outstanding performance. It’s the rubber you’ve never experienced before. The main concept of this rubber is “HONEST GAME PLAY”.

Previous rubbers with Tensor technology (super elasticity) performed strong power, but sometimes we had to play the game with too much repulsive power. Therefore, we focused on developing new rubbers with greater control aspects while maintaining the same level of power like Tensor rubbers.

1. Absolute control

When you play OMEGA 7 HYPER, the ball exactly reacts as much as you hit. This gives you absolute control near the table. OMEGA 7 HYPER hardness is 55 degrees. However, since OMEGA 7 HYPER has a Cycloid technology featuring a thin and soft top sheet, you will recognize it as less than 50 degrees which is ideal range for fine control.

2. Powerful force

Even if you’re far from the table end, you can powerfully return the ball to your opponent’s end line. Extreme sponge pore compression technology has been applied to the OMEGA 7 HYPER. This special tuning allows OMEGA 7 HYPER to firmly capture the ball as if the ball sticks to the rubber surface for a moment. And you can strongly fire it towards the other side.

OMEGA 7 HYPER, it reacts as you want.

Review of Xiom Omega 7 Hyper – By my friend “Yogi Bear” (with permission and thanks!):

  • Xiom Omega 7 Hyper
  • Weight: 79 grams
  • Cut Weight: 50 grams
  • Hardness: 55 degrees
  • Speed: Extremely Fast
  • Spin: Extreme
  • Type: ESN rubber

This is THE RUBBER of 2019 for me. I have been testing the 60 degree version for a month before the 55 degrees was decided to be released. Apparently the 60 degree version seems too fast for most people. I was able to almost control it only in my backhand and after 2 weeks of playing. This is a beast and a hard rubber to adjust to initially unless you are a high level player. A friend of mine who is equivalent to a 2000+ player immediately liked the Hyper 55 because he has been using the Hyper 60 for a few weeks now when I let him test it. The Hyper 55 on the other hand is a more controllable version but still very fast and is faster than almost all of the rubbers in the market right now. In my opinion, the Omega 7 Hyper 60 degree version is the closest rubber you can use to a professional Xiom rubber but I do not think it will sell a lot since many people cannot control it once they have tried it therefore having less market.

Anyway, the topsheet is a very grippy topsheet. It is not just grippy on your touch but the ball itself. Yes, the topsheet is thin with very short pip columns. I compared the pip column of the O7 Hyper and Asia and the Hyper’s pip column is much shorter more like a Hurricane 3 design or the Nexy MXK H but there is a big difference. The topsheet of the Nexy MXK H is not as grippy compared to Hyper’s topsheet. I will explain this as I go along with my review. The pores are much smaller compared to that of a normal ESn rubber having 47.5 and below sponge hardness. This is probably the reason why the whole rubber is more dense and also heavier. This is harder than the Tenergy 05H by 1 degree probably.

I tested the Omega 7 Hyper side by side with an Omega 7 Asia on several blades – Xiom Stradivarius, Offensive S and Xiom Solo. Boy, my drives during drills were almost going out of the table and had to adjust a lot. As what I have said, the Hyper is a beast. So far this is the fastest rubber in the market that I have tried. I can say it is a tad faster than the MXK H or Tenergy 05H for that matter and this is not for everybody. However, if you have the skills and the guts to use this you will be rewarded with offensive strokes that have great speed and power mroe than what you had before. The springiness of this rubber is unbelievable and it made Tenergy 64 look like its baby brother in terms of speed. I suspect that aside from the sponge composition and design, Xiom probably used their own factory tuning that they used for their pro players. I have used their pro rubbers intended for their sponsored players and this is almost as good as those. The Stradivarius with the Hyper was a bit of a challenge for control at first when I was using it in my forehand so I sitched it to my backhand and that is when things got a little better. When you are in a rally on a bh to bh contest of power, you will feel the balls impact and power when you are on the receiving end of the this rubber. The friend of mine who uses this as his forehand rubber can actually control it well after a few hours of playing. This rubber is on a different level when used by a high level player. He used Tenergy 05 and 05h for a long time but he swears this rubber is just on anotehr few levels in terms of power and speed.

For the spin, yes this is very spinny. Unlike the MXK H which lacks spin even if you brush hard and need sponge engagement, the O7H can produce spin by thin brushing. The arc is medium height compared to the O7A’s high arc when looping. People will surely ask me on why my opinion on the MXK-H’s spin was not good. It is because the topsheet of the MXK-H is just not as grippy as the O7H’s. This is the reason why if pip columns are too short but the topsheet is not tacky or grippy you will just end up having a very fast and bouncy rubber but lacks spin unless you really hit hard so it will be a smasher’s or a hitter’s rubber. With the O7H, spin is not really a problem because it is very spinny. The Omega 7 Asia is easier to spin than the Hyper because it is softer by 2.5 degrees and at the same time you can still ahev the ball sink into the topsheet but once you are in your strongest topspin shots or counterloops, the Hyper will offer more power and spin. I can confidently say the spin of the Omega 7 Hyper is equal to that of the Tenergy 05H. It’s just that on very strong shots you will have mroe vicious balls. When I was drilling backhand topspins, I felt that I could brush better than the Omega 7 Asia with much less power applied. This was the time I can say it was really spinny on my backhand because of the exagerrated arc of the ball when being blocked. in my opinion, other ESn rubbers do not come close. The Rasanter 53 if it has the same topsheet make up as its 50 degree brothers, I would doubt it will be as spinny as the Hyper.

Other things I love abou the Hyper is that when it comes to rallies it is an awesome rubber use to hammer opponents incoming topspins. Counterloopers really appreciated this rubber during the tests and even plain smashing versus topspins was suprisingly good. Despite being a very fast rubber, the Hyper has gears. It can do drop shots with no problem and also do flicks well. If you smash a lot then this is also good your smashes with the Hyper will be blazingly fast.

I think this is still cheaper than Tenergy 05. This is a pretty durable rubber. I have been using this for a month now and the topsheet is still very grippy. MXP would erode in about 3 weeks but the O7H seems to retain much of the grip really well even after playing 3-4x a week.