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Formula DONIC – FD3

Our expert rubber sheet developers had exactly forecast that the speed glue ban that was introduced on the 1st August 2008 would accelerate the rubber development enormously. The completely newly developed rubbers of generation 2010, we call them FORMULA DONIC FD3 (3RD Generation), brings table tennis without speed gluing to a totally different level. There is now no reason to bemoan the loss of speed glue. FORMULA DONIC FD3 has it all: speed, sound, feeling and precision leaving nothing more to be desired.

A special feature of all the new rubber sheets is the exceptionally precise feeling. The rubber sheets respond immediately to the player’s action, the ball lands exactly where it is supposed to.  With such a wide range of rubbers available, every type of player will find the perfect rubber sheet for their playing style.

The new series ACUDA S1, S2, S3 and COPPA X1 turbo, COPPA X1, X2, X3 have been completely redeveloped from top sheet to sponge, with many distinctive advantages, all of them intrinsic and permanently inbuilt.

We have classified these series into a new, simple and clearly arranged system enabling each table tennis player to easily navigate their way and find the rubber they want.

The SPIN-oriented series: DONIC ACUDA S1, S2, S3

With ACUDA the focus is on maximising SPIN. This series has a maximum flight arc with the take-off angle from the blade generally the steepest. Of course, these are very taut, direct and fast rubber sheets, depending on the grading S1, S2 and S3.

The SPEED-oriented series: DONIC COPPA X1 turbo, X1, X2, X3

The COPPA series tends to be slightly softer. The COPPA rubber sheets aren’t quite so taut and come very close to the classic playing feeling with the emphasis on SPEED. The spin arc is very high and topspin shots can easily be played from all positions, especially from half-distance and far away from the table.


New Formula DONIC


The new soft ones: as SOFT as never before

Players who used to like the sound and feeling of soft rubber sheets with speed glue prior to the glue ban can now reignite the joy and sensations with the new series SOFT rubber sheets. The versions Acuda S2 and S3, as well as Coppa X2 and X3 all belong to this new series. The softest versions are the S3 and X3 with the loudest sound and slightly less speed, the X2 and S2 are fractionally less soft with slightly less sound but an increase in speed. With all versions, topspin and counter-topspin can be played very easily and with fantastic control.


PLUS for all

For all rubbers of the ACUDA and COPPA series the number of possible playing hours has been extended considerably. After extensive testing our players believe that playing hours has been increased by something like 50% or more. Additionally the catapult effect and inner tension have been improved which results in greater precision on returns.