table tennis blade measurements

 Blade dimensions and weight Database


This is a database of table tennis blade dimensions and typical weights. This is a community project, with measurements provided by players worldwide.

Credit goes to the members of OOAK Forum and more recently the MyTT forum for providing the data!

Why are the blade dimension and weight important?

Manufacturers often don’t specify the dimensions or typical weight of their blades. If you’re buying a new blade, it would be useful to know if it’s regular size, or somewhat over- or under size. This is particularly important if you’re going to be using old rubbers, or rubbers from a friend… you want to know if they’re going to fit!

For people that want oversize blades, it’s important to know how big the blade really is, as their top choice of rubber may not actually fit. Yes it does happen! Check the Rubber Sheet Size Database for rubber sizes.

Similarly the weight is important, as people have personal preferences towards heavy or light, and it may affect your choice of rubbers. For example if the blade you choose tends to be a little heavy, you may wish to choose some lighter rubbers, so that the overall weight (and balance) may be more suitable for you. Check the Rubber Sheet Mass Database for rubber weights

Tip: There are always variations in weights of blade, even for identical models. If the blade weight is important to you, ask your dealer for a specific weight or weight range. Some will be happy to supply you with your requested weights.


Will you help contribute? It’s easy!

This database is a community project, so the more people that can help contribute, the more everyone benefits! If you can simply weigh and measure your blade before you put rubber on, and provide us with the information, it can be added to the database and you’ll be helping other fellow players from everywhere! All you need is a ruler and kitchen scale, although you may need a vernier for the thickness. Whatever information you can provide is useful, even if you can’t take all the measurements!

table tennis blade width and height

You can either add¬† a comment at the bottom of this page, or if you’re a member of one of the major forums, you can add it at OOAK forum here or at Mytt forum here. Please provide the information in the following format to make it easy to add to the table:

Brand: (eg Butterfly)
Blade Model: (eg Timo Boll Spirit)
Blade Type: (shakehand, Chinese Penhold(cpen), Japanese Penhold(jpen))
Width (W): (eg 150mm)
Height (H): (eg 158mm)
Thickness: (eg 5.5mm)
Weight: (eg 80g)


Table of blade dimensions and weights

BrandModelType (shake,
cpen, jpen)
W (mm)H (mm)Thickn (mm)Weight (gm)
ButterflyGrubba CarbonShake1511584.990
ButterflyGergely AlphaShake1481547.186
ButterflyHoly CrownShake1501575.685
ButterflyInnerforce ALCShake1501575.988
ButterflyGergely (carbon)Shake1521616.493
ButterflyGrubba ProShake1561644.885
ButterflyBalsaCarbo X5Shake1501585.183
ButterflyAndrzej GrubbaShake1501585.183
ButterflyDefence XShake1591685.287