One of the latest blades from Victas, used by Koki Niwa himself, would have to be one of the most hi-tech blades on the market. It has 4 composite layers, 2 on either side, and each designed for different and a specific purpose.

Here is the manufacturer’s info, plus addition info from OOAK Table Tennis Shop:

VICTAS Quartet AFC is a fast, high-quality offensive blade featuring excellent control thanks to well-balanced DSE technology. An Aramid Carbon layer, a combination of elastic aramid and tough carbon fibres, is applied directly on the core ply of the Quartet AFC blade and provides for extra speed and stability. The outer Fleece Carbon layer increases the blades spin potential and will give you an extraordinary level of control which you will hardly find in any other blade in this speed class. Take your offensive play to a new level with the power and vigour of Quartet AFC.


  • Playstyle: OFF
  • Synthetic fibre: Aramid Carbon, Fleece Carbon
  • Ply: 9
  • Weight: approx. ~90g
  • Thickness: ~5.5mm
  • Size: ~157 x 150mm
  • Handle: FL | ST
  • Speed: 101
  • Control: 91
  • RRP: Yen 15,000 (~AUD$175)

Note: Used by world class player Koki Niwa (see his review below), combined with Victas V>15 Extra rubbers.

Koki Niwa bat combination

Koki Niwa (Winner 2010 Youth Olympic Games, World Juniors 2011, Russian Open 2014. Beat #1 Ma Long of China in 2012. World #12 Sept 2015):
To win the actual game I chose this equipment without considering only spin or speed. When I used this equipment in the game I realized I could play the game without feeling uncomfortable. Compared to before I felt my performance had improved. What I like most about this equipment was is it resulted in an increase in rotational speed on the ball. I was also satisfied with the counter drive.  Blade: Victas Quartet AFC; Rubbers: Victas V>15 Extra. Jan 2016


This blade is supposedly the Victas Flagship blade, used by Koki Niwa (with V 15 Extra rubbers), so I thought I’d check it out and take some pictures.

As you can see from the picture below (click to zoom in), this blade is quite unique, having 2 different types of composite layers.











It has a carbon fleece layer beneath the out ply (which looks like limba), which is designed to offer more spin potential with the latest generation of rubbers.
Underneath this there is another wood ply, followed by an Aramid Carbon layer, which is designed to add power and stability to the blade. Aramid carbon is used in only high-end blade, and is designed to make a blade more rigid and stable (like normal carbon does), but it offers a softer and more wooden feel to the blade (unlike carbon which tend to add a hard and pingy feel).

The inner core looks like ayous to me, but could be something similar.

Here are a few more pictures:

The blade is designed to be used with the latest generation of rubbers, the likes of Victas V15, Tenergy 05/64, Evolution MX-P, etc.

Review will follow later, but would love to hear from someone that’s already tried this blade!