Xiom Vega X

VEGA X – In celebration of VEGA’s 10th Anniversary

Table tennis players from around the world have experienced and appreciated the “VEGA” rubber series over the past decade. VEGA made its reputation for excellent performance at reasonable price. Nevertheless, XIOM has constantly made an effort to innovate VEGA rubber series.

?Now XIOM proudly releases VEGA X. While maintaining the strength of VEGA PRO, we’ve upgraded the overall performance. It is the perfective rubber in every way.

The basic formula of VEGA X is based on VEGA PRO. But the top sheet has been upgraded to the latest architectural structure. It brings more aggressive feature while maintaining the balance. Players using VEGA PRO can quickly adapt to the VEGA X – and immediately experience the performance boost.

VEGA X, the masterpiece of VEGA’s 10-year history.


Review of Xiom Vega X – By my friend “Yogi Bear” (with permission and thanks!):


  • Vega X
  • Weight: 72 grams (uncut)
  • Cut Weight: 48 grams
  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Spin Very high
  • Type: ESN
  • Sponge hardness: approx 47.5 degrees (need confirmation)

The Vega X is another new product from Xiom before the year ends. AT first I was a bit surprised that Xiom added another Vega rubber but it totally makes sense in the long run since the Vega Series need upgrades but at the same time keep the prices low to mid-range. The last addition of the Vega rubbers before the X was the Vega Tour which has the 2nd hardest feel among the Vega rubbers with the Vega China being the hardest. The Vega Ten, yes it should be called Vega 10 just like in the Marvel universe Wolverine whould also be called Weapon 10 and not Weapon X, has a firm sponge. feels like 47.5 hardness but I need to confirm this first. The topsheet is a matte red topsheet with a grippy feel. Quality seems higher compared to vega Pro. I also do not know why they named this Vega X(10) unless this is the 10th year since the original Vega Series were released back in 2009.


I used the Xiom Solo 7 ply blade on this test with Xiom Stradivarius also. I noticed the low arc the moment I started hitting with drills on the table both on the forehand and backhand. This happened on both Stradiuvarius and Solo blades. There is a good amount of power from the Vega X especially when I was using it in the Solo as the Stradi blade is already a fast blade. It gave me some sort of distinction about its speed since the Solo blade is considered as OFF- than being an OFF blade. The Vega X is plenty fast and i would rate the speed as probably faster than that of an Acuda S1 rubber. It is faster than Vega Pro though I think the Vega Tour is bouncier.

I also tried looping with it the Vega Japan rubber on the other side just for comparison. The Vega X is quite spinny and seems spinnier by 1 or 2 levels than the Vega Pro. I noticed a low to medium arc when looping backspin with the Vega X while the Vega Japan has some sort of higher arc. I find the Vega Japan easier to loop with although looping with the Vega X is not an issue. I think it is probably with the softer topsheet of the Vega Japan that lets me loop is easily. Here is my take on this and this is my opinion – I think Xiom introduced this rubber as an intermediate level rubber that is below the level of the Omega V or IV series. Vega rubbers are still best selling rubbers in the world for new or returning players but admittedly, the Vega rubbers like Pro or Europe are already 10 years old and with the change of ball specs, it also affected the rubbers performance. This is the reason why maybe Xiom released a rubber that would be good for intermediate players at mid-range price (Xiom said this is almost in the price range of the original Vega series) so that it will be affordable compared to their much expensive rubbers like Omega V or VII rubbers.


Overall, I highly recommend this as a replacement for Vega Pro. The durability and grip of the topsheet seem very good. I have removed the rubber a few times and glued it a few times and have not noticed any chips on the sponge so aside from the topsheet reformulation for better performance, they also improved the sponge’s durability.