Adidas Adizero Table Tennis Shoes

These shoes have just entered the market, and appear to be the lightest table tennis shoes ever made! High quality shoes by Adidas, read the review by my friend Yogi Bear below:





Reviews by Yogi Bear (with permission and thanks!):

This was given to me as a gift from Adidas but I wasn’t compelled to give a review about this but  I would rather share it anyway

It’s a very beautiful shoe. I don’t think i need to justify Adidas’ reputation as a shoe maker they are one of the best in the world and i have used adidas shoes before among other brands.
First thing i have noticed is its very light. I know a person who has tried an adidas mittenium shoe and says its 80 grams lighter. his previous was 350 grams his adizero is 270 grams. i think part of the reason why it is very light is due to the fact it has nylon or some sort of mesh on many parts of the shoe- on the sides and on the near distal end of the dorsal part of the foot near the toes. its comfy and feels cooler though.
The sole is built differently in which the gum sole is only beneath the shoe and not like typical tt shes which have gum soles even at the side parts. the sole is very grippy and ive got no problems moving sideways with the design. also you have to take note that it is a flat shoe. some other people would prefer a raised sole.
2nd day testing the shoes.

Its so light. I’m quite suprised its as light as some rubber shoes that you use for casual wear. the flat sole is very grippy and excellent in the wooden tiles as i was playing in school with students today. the only thing that gives me a lil bit of discomfort is the feel of the nylon mesh on the upper frontal part of the shoes. im not used to it its a personal preference and its subjective. a friend of mine tried it but he really loves it and was surprised it was very comfy for him. i think i was just used to having a TT shoe with a leather covering on the upper part in the toes rather than with a nylon mesh as with other adidas shoes in the market that carry the adizero design (yes adizero is not limited to TT shoes). i think im gonna go ahead and get the clima adidas shoes for TT. i have a thing for rugged looking shoes for TT. still, the adizero performs well with lightness in weight, cool feeling due to the mesh and grippy sole as its best features.