Butterfly Tenergy 25 Reviews


Tenergy is a revolutionary pimples in rubber. It combines the original “Spring Sponge” and High Tension technology designed by Butterfly.

The best for playing close to the table following extensive tests by both technology and players. Tenergy 25 enables the player to attack strongly with both spin and power whether near to the table or at half distance. It is the perfect answer for the player of today and tomorrow. Tenergy is also the fastest and most explosive rubber in Butterfly line all without the use of any speed-glues or tuning. Tenergy 25 will keep its speed throughout the life of the rubber without need for any special treatments.

“Spring Sponge”. Spring Sponge feels hard yet its new technology allows it to hold the ball on the racket longer.

High Tension rubbers have tension built in to the sponge and top-sheet. This helps reduce the amount of energy lost at the point of impact. In essence, it turns the speed of your opponents shot into additional power for you. In short, High Tension rubbers are fast, VERY FAST. The first such rubber was Bryce, introduced in 1997. It is by far the most widely used rubber among Butterfly’s sponsored players including the 2003 World Champion, Werner Schlager(AUT).


  • Speed: 135
  • Spin: 110
  • Density: 36
  • Reglue Effect: Medium



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I got fed up having to tune every three sessions (thrice a week play) with Falco Booster, then gluing the rubber onto my bat. Granted, it did as it was asked to do. Nice effect, by the way. But the softening effect feels to be lost after a week’s time.

Coincidentally, I have run out of Falco Booster. I thought it was high time to finally get that Tenergy 25 off the my dealer’s shelf. I am currently lighter by several thousand pesos, and she’s happy to have done business with me. :drunken:

Butterfly Tenergy 25 inverted rubber: quality grippy and tensioned low-throw rubber

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1. The reviewer: Intermediate level, now, double inverted. Played the Tenergy 25 on the Avalox P500, P700, and C555 Ma Wenge.

2. Physical Properties: Black, 2.1mm, probably medium to medium-soft hardness sponge, great quality sheet, grippy and ‘soft’ topsheet.

3. Speed:
– Speed on slow strokes: Slow-medium, with ability to control pace well.
– Speed on power loops: fast
– Speed on power drives/smashes: fast

4. Spin:
– Spin on a loop: Excellent. Most people would have to block very well to receive the spin. Much similar to a traditional tacky Chinese rubber.
– Spin on serves/pushes: Adequate spin on topsheet contact. Using the sponge gives some more spin.

5. Control:
Easy blocking given the throw angle and the grippy (non-tacky) nature, especially on loops. Pushing is also easy, spin pushing is adqeuate, speed goes up non-linearly with the use of the sponge, but with a smooth transition between gears, not big jumps.

6. Other Playing properties: Relatively low throw angle, comparable to JO Gold. Blocked balls aren’t very spinny, but the nature of the rubber allows for good punch blocking. Mediocre in hitting through spin. There is some confidence for hitting at away from the table due to topsheet and sponge, but is not advised as the rubber performs best when limited to mid-distance.

7. Reference: Hurricane 3, Globe 999 National, Palio Hadou Biotech, Higher Transcend, God-Favored SST, Tenergy 05, JO Platin, JO Gold, Sriver G3, Sriver EL.

8. Other comments: Can be considered when looking for something like glued G888. Or H2. Has a more of a medium throw when compared to traditional Chinese rubbers, so can be chosen to provide easier blocking while retaining much of the Chinese rubber properties.

Even though the topsheet is very grippy, do not expect it to perform with the touch and amount of spin of traditional Chinese rubbers on touch shots.

Having playtested this particular rubber and thickness with a friend’s Photino (interesting crisp-feeling blade+rubber match) prior to actual purchase, I am fairly confident that, after adjusting to the initial feel and bounciness of the rubber, I would retain my stroke form and regain touch fairly quickly as well.

It now goes onto my Avalox P700. Wishing myself luck and awaiting hard work next session!

*** this now goes to my stained P500. Goes fairly well on harder blades, but the dwell time is fairly lower than expected of the relatively soft sponge. Might need some good ball feeling and hand speed to compensate for the lower dwell feeling.


Review by bull_harrier  (Publised with permission):

This is an interesting rubber. If you take a look at it you’ll notice the pimples of this rubber are enormous. So the larger pimples means less dwell time to me but i think the sponge is a hair softer than T05 to help compensate for this but someone correct me if i’m wrong.

I’m saying this based on just squeezing the rubber after i glued it on the blade, i tend not to trust specs too much from company manufacturers. This rubber has a very loud crack sound to it, much louder than T05. This rubber has a very low throw angle and is very spinny rubber. I almost felt like i was playing with some old glued up Bryce again with this rubber. I tried this rubber on two different blades and i used the 2.1 MAX thickness. First i tried it on the Gergley 21 and i must say not a good combination.

The lack of dwell time on a hard carbon blade, yeah not good. You can hit the ball a ton but i like to power loop and vary my spins, this setup made it rather difficult to that with. I like Tenergy 05 on the Gergley 21 though, i am able to spin the ball VERY well with that setup. Next i threw it on the Maze. I love this setup a lot, the only thing i have to be careful with is the very low throw angle with this setup but that didn’t take long to adjust to. I like T25 on the Maze more the T05 because of the speed. T25 is a faster rubber, but i’d say that T05 is a hair more spinny. I can serve well with both of these rubbers and push well with both of them, i haven’t noticed huge difference in that area with these.

My conclusion is that T25 is a very good rubber for closer to the table play, it is much easier to take the ball right off the bounce with this rubber than T05. It has great power away from the table as well so it can be used by someone like me who likes to stand 5 feet back and loop but like i said you have to beware the low throw angle. I like to start off close to the table by opening with slow spinny loops and driving some balls right off the bounce, then eventually backing up and looping my opponent to death. As of right now i am very happpy with the T25 and Maze setup. Sorry for the overly long analysis of this rubber but i wanted to share my experience with it and compare T05 and T25.