DHS Tin Arc Review

TinArc (Speed + Spin) rubber is equipped with new high-elacticity sponge, which adopts extreme technique with innovative concept, creates acceleration during striking. The surface layer of rubber uses unique technique which makes it grippy. In addition, the pimple is specially designed for speed. The combination of this two techniques brings excellent ball speed & spin. The top players who are in pursuit of excellent power and speed, as well as spin all prefer this brand new TinArc rubber. 37 degree.


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Reviews by Yogi Bear (with permission and thanks!):

I was long curious about this rubber so when my coach went to the recent world championships in netherlands i asked him to buy me a dhs tin arc rubber.

out of the package:

the rubber is a high quality rubber from dhs. no wonder it cost 16 euros. its more expensive than any neo rubbers.. at first glance i was a bit disappointed because i thought it looked like the dhs memo 3 or 2 but then i saw the sponge it reminded me of teh palio thor’s sponge – porous and rough. the sponge hardness is about 37-38 degrees by dhs scale. the rubber is lightly tacky only.
i placed it in my ebenholz 7 and when i was cutting it with an office disposable cutter i was a bit disappointed because the sponge is a bit brittle.. i can cut very cleanly on other rubbers.. it reminded me of the sponge brittleness of the lkt black power and almana gray sponges. the thickness of the sponge is 2.2mm
fh to fh & bh to bh:
goodness this is a fast rubber! it is faster than any neo rubbers or the memo rubbers from dhs. what i like about it is its control. you can feel the ball while you are hitting or brushing it.
this rubber blocks well on the bh and fh. unlike some other chinese rubbers especially the tacky ones, the ball doesnt go to the net when passively blocking. counter attacks are good with this rubber too.
this rubber is an attacking rubber and it excels in both looping and loop driving. the angle is about medium throw. what i love about the tin arc is that the loops are very spinny! not as spinny as the neo rubbers but still nevertheless spinny besides its only about 10% less spinny.. the loops produce a low throw spinny ball. over the table loops drives are quite good with this rubber.
pushes and serves:
good amount of spin in serving and pushing. the rubber is not sensitive to incoming spin despite being grippy and slightly tacky..
i would say that i was surprised with the tin arc’s performance. i thought it was just an overpriced rubber but it was well worth it. was even worth more than its price. it reminds of acuda s3 but lighter, faster and a tad spinnier. not only that but its very controllable on fast bladesand its very affordable!. only one thing i can describe about the tin arc rubber – I FEEL IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!!..
speed – if tenergy 64 is a 10 i would rate tin arc as an 8.5
spin – if tenergy 05 is a 10 i would rate tin arc as 9.0
control – 8.0.
rubber for advanced players but can be handled by developing players as well. i would put this on an off or off- blade for better balance..
note: sorry for the poor pic quality since i was using my celphone.hope you will try this rubber guys you will not get disappointed with it!