expert table tennis

As I do a lot of reading and writing on topics related to table tennis myself, my #1 source of information is the internet, and in particular a number of specific sites with high quality information.

Expert table tennis is one of those sites, and is of particular interest regarding coaching and technique, so I though I’d do a little preview of the website… you might find it to be a useful resource you can use as well.

I first became aware of the Expert table tennis website when Ben Larcombe’s video The Expert in a Year Challenge went viral! That’s rare for a table tennis video. To date it’s had over 9 million views!


Ben is a very good player, and also a professional coach in Tunbridge Wells (England), and he’s one of the most passionate coaches I’ve ever come across. This is clearly demonstrated in the articles on his website, and the content he shares with his online table tennis community.

His genuine interest in promoting the sport, and helping people become better players, is obvious in everything he does.

Since his famous video, both his website and online community has grown substantially. Here is a summary of his content:

  • His table tennis blog  has regular coaching and other tips, some of the best you’ll find on the net.
  • For those that prefer to listen rather than read, he’s also got a great collection of table tennis podcasts.
  • Ben shares his experience in coaching in the coaching section of his website , which has videos of all the basic techniques, as well as the more advanced aspects.
  • His equipment section contains a large number of equipment reviews, as well as recommendation on where to get it from.
  • The Expert Table Tennis Academy” is his online community, which has now over 6000 members, and joining is free!

If you’re interested in developing your game, and don’t have the option of 1:1 coaching, you’ll learn a lot from Ben and everything he shares online, so it’s worth checking out his website:\