How to promote your club / competition via Facebook


If you’d like some ideas or tips on how to promote your TT club or competition via Facebook, check out the SA State League Page, which is run by one of South Australia’s top players Scott Houston.

The page was setup a month before our main competition (Winter pennant) was started. He introduced the player and teams, made predictions about how the teams would perform. Once the competition started, he discussed the draws for the week, his predictions, and then the results after the night. He also has some special bits about interviews with former players.

It’s attracting a lot of interest both from the players, their friends, and players in other grades. The write-ups are often discussed at practice or during the competition nights, and people really look forwards on what he’s going to post next!

You can check out the page here:

If you’re on Facebook, it would be nice if you could ‘like’ the page to help promote it a little.
If you’re looking for ways to promote your club or competition, I would encourage you to check it out, because what Scott is doing is really working!