Joola Air! Rosnet review

Soft and still fast?

Impossible… No, it isn’t!

ROSnet – that’s how we call the technology that sets new standards and extends the possibilities regarding dynamic and safety. This is made possible through a – compared to other rubbers – totally new molecular structure that has the ball bury itself in the rubber in order to practically catapult out it with extreme force!

All our top players were enthusiastic about it after the first tests! Well, those people know their business and are able to speedglue a rubber in such a way that even at first glueing the rubber provides best possible speed and spin – but also the “normal” player will realize after the first strokes that with AIR! ROSnet he/she is in control of a thicker sponge and plays a stronger topsping without losing control. And since the AIR! is 10% lighter than usual rubbers the change to a thicker sponge does not affect the technique.

The AIR! is the first rubber in ROSnet technology – and we still see many alternatives for the future in this new technology!


  • Type: ALL / OFF+
  • Density: 40
  • Speed: 99
  • Spin: 98
  • Control: 78



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Review by: Tuan Pham – Georgia State University Table Tennis Club President (published with permission)

Ok guys, here’s my review of Joola AIR! (5 layers CTE)

First Impressions:
What can I say about the minty green sponge….ITS SOFT! The topsheet feels extremely flexible and looks like it would be best for my looping game. The bounce test with this one was much more agreeable to me compared to Mambo H. It had a nice soft feeling with just as much height. On top of that, the click sound reminded me of a nicely glued sheet of rubber. Similar to Mambo H, the topsheet is grippy. Not too sure which is grippier but I feel that they are about the same, Mambo H might be a bit more grippy. The weight of the rubber is also much lighter than Mambo H. I could tell a big difference between my Mizutani Jun + Mambo H and Mizutani Jun + Air!.

Practice Play:
When playing with this rubber, I feel like it is a tad slower than Mambo H but I was able to loop with a much higher arc. The control of this rubber was also much better too. With serves, I feel like they aren’t as spinny but i can get better deception out of them. In rallies, I feel like I’m able to place the ball better. In loop to loop rallies, the increased dwell time really enables me to hook the ball more. Against underspin, I’m able to loop the ball with a much better margin of error due to the higher looping arc. The backhand seems to be working fairly well with it, but I’m still working on that. Will keep you updated on that info. As for pushes, the ablility to control the spin and distance better than Mambo H.

The speed of the rubber seems to be the only part that is lacking. I can do loop kills but that’s only if I know that I will get a definite point. It seems hard to pressure the opponent with this rubber.

This is a great control rubber. You can move the opponent around with spin variation and positioning. If you’re looking for a loop-control rubber, then AIR! is the best choice. But if you’re looking for more of a loop-kill/drive rubber, then you should try Mambo C and H.

Speed: 7.5/10
Spin: 8.3/10
Control: 8/10

Hope all this info helps guys. When you compare it to the Mambo H review, I hope that it answers a lot of questions about these 2 rubbers.