Joola Chen Weixing Blade Reviews

High quality defensive blades have always been a strength of JOOLA. Now in conjunction with Chen Weixing, world ranked 14, a new blade is launched which is designed for the modern defensive player. It is fast enough to play powerful topspin shots but still with control for chop play. This is achieved by a special twin black/cloth layer between the koto and kiri plys.

The artist, Chen Weixing is totally enthused with this new JOOLA blade. “I can safely play strong forehand loop shots from half distance with great feeling and high speed but at the same time play secure backhand chops at the necessary length to force my opponent into mistakes.”

Veneers: Limba, Koto, Black-Cloth, Kiri


  • Type: DEF+
  • Speed: 75
  • Control: 99
  • Bending Resistance: 95
  • Weight: 85g


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The Chen Weixing blade is named after one of the greatest chopper/loopers in the game today. Former Chinese Team Member Chen Weixing is known both for his legendary defense and for his looping attack. This style of play requires a defensive blade with great control for chopping, and yet faster then a typical defensive blade. The blade is approximately 90grams, and composed of Limba, Koto, Black-Cloth, & Kiri.

With the larger head, it gives you lots and lots of surface area for your chopping game. It also is very good for pick-hitting. The Black-Cloth Layers contribute to the extra control. In terms of speed, I would categorize this blade as Medium, which for a defensive blade, is fast.

So if you are trying to modernize your defensive game, this is perfect blade for you! Tom Nguyen


This is an excellent blade. It is slower than an allround but not by much and has much greater control. I’ve got Drum CWX 2mm on forehand and 729FX soft 1.3mm backhand. Fantastic to loop with using the Drum and high control using 729. It has great speed when needed and smashing is no problem.The blade head is oversized so could be heavy if you put thick rubbers both sides.I highly recommend this blade for allround play with attitude. SimonTT


Hard and stiff blade, with larger head (165x158mm). Control during defensive strokes is good, but its speed can be surprising. It is a “OFF-” blade, with a DEF make-up! Really awesome for active defenders who need too loop often and counter-hit. I prefer this blade to Joo Se Hyuk because of a better feeling (hard and stiff, but less than Joo). Chopping is still a joy if you marry it to the appropriate LP…

Definitely a famous modern defender blade I enjoy to play with. It shines with slow and soft LPs like C&F III, Curl P-4, Octopus especially in 0x versions.



The head is very large and kinda hard to get used too.

If you are new to chopping and playing defense this blade is probably not for you, a little too fast.

I would suggest starting out with a slower defensive blade, ex. matsu pro. and working on your defense. Once you are ready you may want to move up to this blade.

This blade is very good at “fishing”. I had a hard time with forehand chops however.

The handle on this blade is awesome, and the quality is excellent.
Also this blade is very light.
It does lack some touch and feel in the short game. Not horrible though.