Joola Eagle Carbon Reviews


Five-ply carbon blade with extreme speed and medium/high control capabilities.

The JOOLA Eagle Carbon Extreme is the fastest of the Eagle series, adding carbon to the mix for extreme speed and a larger sweet spot. Weighing in at approximately 85 grams, this five-ply Fineline blade is one of the heavier blades with a hard, carbon-reinforced core specially veneered with Kiri wood for controlled power. In general, this blade is an excellent deal. At one of the lowest price points for carbon blades, its performance is still fantastic!


  • Speed: Extreme (OFF-/OFF)
  • Control: Medium/High
  • Plies: 5 + 2 carbon

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Reviews by Yogi Bear (with permission and thanks!):


Received the Eagle Carbon flared from Joola Germany through  Its super light at 77.5 grams!!!

  • Joola Eagle Carbon (Flared)
  • Weight: 77.5 grams
  • Size: 156x152mm
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Plies: 5 (fineline-carbon-kiri-carbon-fineline)
  • Test Rubbers: Joola Rhyzm 2.0mm, Yinhe Mars 2 35 degrees, Tibhar 5Q max
  • Speed: OFF+
I received this finely crafted blade from Joola Germany. This is the fastest in the Joola Eagle Series o blades. Like all its predecessors, the Eagle carbon has an egg shaped blade head. The blade is very balanced and not head heavy. Even with the max 5Q and Mars 2 it only weighed 170gms! The bare blade has a high pitched-ping sound when the ball is bounced a few times. Bouncing on the rubbers cause the ball to bounce very high.

The good:

Speed – its very fast! comparing it to existing blades like Gergely, Primorac carbon, Black Devil &  T-10, the eagle carbon is faster than these blades mentioned. It is slower than Sardius, Amultart or a Mizutani. The ball was very bouncy when doing drives and smashes. There is feel when hitting the ball but only to a certain degree. It doesnt feel to hard on contact. Actually it gave mixed feelings of hard and soft on impacts. It isnt as stiff as other carbon blades and you would appreciate its sort little woody feeling.
Loop driving blade – excellent for loop driving, average on slow spinny loops. The blade has little dwell time but can be compensated with the right kind of rubber. I used 3 rubbers on this to find out its characteristics when pairing it with different kinds of rubbers.
The Mars 2 rubber with a 35 degrees sponge hardness was very controllable for my taste. I found out that Soft CHN rubbers pair well with the eagle carbon if you want to have a spinny looping set up.
The Joola Rhyzm rubber at 2.0mm proved to be a good combination too. The Rhyzm is a very fast rubber. I would compare the 2.0mm version to be as fast as a max Acuda S2 rubber. If you wanted to have a controllable but still very fast set up then the 2.0mm fast rubbers like the Rhyzm would be a good choice. The 2.0mm rhyzm is fast enough for loop drives than pure looping and brushing style.
the Tibhar 5Q which i used was to represent how the eagle carbon reacts if paired with a very fast rubber. I would say the max 5Q is as fast as the S1 turbo, Rhyzm max, 1Q and other similar rubbers. When paired with these rubbers the eagle carbon becomes an explosive blade. With every loop drive and smash strokes, it produces a very loud sound especially with an esn rubber. there is still some degree of control with this.
close to the table and mid distance – despite the speed, its still manageable close to the table. The eagle carbon shines mid distance though. countering mid distance isn’t had with this blade due to its long trajectory.
Blocking – it was very stable when i used it for blocking against strong loops, loop drives and pure drives.
Lightweight – at 77 grams this blade is very light even with 2 heavy rubbers it isn’t head heavy.

The Bad

not for beginners – though it has control i wouldn’t recommend it to people below 1500 rating in the US. Needs some advanced skills to fully maximize the use of this blade.


A very good lightweight blade with mid range prize. Excellent from a style of looping and blocking to an all out mid distance attacking and countering style of play. People who are looking for the feel of a T-11 blade plus the loud sound would definitely want the eagle carbon blade.