Joola Energy Review

Incorporating fresh glueing effect in a new dimension: JOOLA energy with the newly developed “GREEN POWER” technology.

With “GREEN POWER” a new rubber technology is introduced in which almost 100% of the possible increase in performance achieved by fresh glueing of high-performance rubbers is permanently incorporated. Trajectory, playing feeling and the all-important sound of fresh glueing are permanent features of this new product.

JOOLA energy GREEN POWER – the new era has begun.


  • Type: ALL / OFF+
  • Density: 42.5
  • Speed: 100
  • Spin: 95
  • Control: 80

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Joola Energy Green Power Reviews:

Review by Servio:

Blade – Andro Blax off
FH rubber – Joola Green Energy 2.0
I’ll try to give it some ratings and post why I gave these ratings. (out of 10)

Topspin: 9
Marvelous, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to put so much topspin on a ball, though it’s not easy to make very slow spinny shots the medium-high speed topspin shots are done without that much effort, combine this with its low-medium throw angle and you have something lovely. Atleast that is what I find.

Hitting: 8.5
It performs quite well on hitting too, there is plenty of accuracy and because it’s not incredibly hard there is some room for error too, 1 thing that attracted my attention is that balls are just high enough to pass the net, but this also results in a net ball now and then.

Smashing: 8
There is good feeling when smashing but because its hardness is 42 (feels softer) it tops out quite fast and it feels some less controllable when smashing at full power, though it still manages nicely.

Pushing: 5.5
Frustrating… It’s just bouncy so hard to make short push returns, especially on the faster balls, and if you decide to put some speed on your own pushes then it tends to overdue it so it goes over the table.
For people that just push now and then it shouldn’t be a problem though.

Blocking: 8.5
Blocks with a lot of feeling and has a nice throw angle for blocking but again its a little too bouncy to give those really short returns on harder incoming balls. I solve this by just taking 1 step back and block from there. but that is really the only disadvantage about this rubber when blocking.

Serving: 7.5
Enough spin can be used to get annoying, its real easy to hit those surprising real fast balls now and then and surprisingly here there is no problem on hitting very short balls.
Overall a very decent serving rubber that can really surprise people.

Chopping: no clue since I never chop with my FH but if I’d had to guess I’d say its too fast of a rubber to chop properly.

This rubber is for: allround-offensive players with 1st-2nd line play.


Comments: this rubber is exactly the same as the andro plasma rubbers, this one has a bit harder sponge as the plasma 380, and so a little faster, these rubbers play well, but normal rubbers with glue have much more spin, sound is ok, glued rubbers sounds better, bounce is ok! but for example a unglued bryce fx gives more spin then these rubbers, in opening loops and service, and not to forget when you glue bryce fx, or sriver!!! so much spin, so i rate this not high. aggi

Comments: Tested unglued on Gergely 21. The glue effect is good (70% of a fresh glued rubber) and stays for long. Good for looping and flat shots close to the table. It is not fragile like the most German tensors. The sponge is soft. Very fast, not recommended for OFF+ blades. Stavros

Comments: Very nice rubber, used it in 2.0, is pretty fast, more than a V-Stage unglued, and with more spin. Hard to control touch shots sometimes, but can get used to it. It is a bit brittle though and started chipping at the ends by the second or third use. Still worth its money. Dimitris

Comments: I used EGP max on a andro carbon light off+ frame whit my Fhand. If u want to use this rubber u should not hessitate to hit hard. amazing speed and good but not very good spin. I was able to do anything whit it, only got a hard time whit the service. Like always the tensor dry’s very fast. since it is to expencive to replace every 2 months… i will give it a 8, -1 for service and -1 for the duration. Martijn

Comments: This is a really fast rubber !! I used to play with Desto F2 2mm (I play alos with 2mm of EGP), but it damaged after a few months with broken pips between rubber and sponge, and even without fresh gluing. That’s why I swaped for EGP. I was really surprised but the speed, even though I used to fresh glue a samba 2mm before, this one without fresh gluing is faster ! Harder also, but the feeling is good when looping and hitting ; even short play isn’t that complicated. Yet, it isn’t a rubber for beginners, and you need to train often enough to get all the benefit from this rubber. I think event top ranked players could feel happy with it. Note it’s not recommended nor necessary to fresh glue this monster of celerity. Jérôme