A review of the latest rubber by Joola, the Joola Maxxx 450.

JOOLA Maxxx 450 Table Tennis Rubber
After a year of research with top players and engineers, MAXXX is finally here! A rubber composition developed to meet the three X factors of performance. Maxxximum Power, Maxxximum Spin and Maxxximum Control provide every player the ability to reach new levels of play. The Maxxx 450 is excellent for loopers and players who control the ball well.

  • Speed EXTREME
  • Control HIGH
  • Hardness 45°

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Reviews by Yogi Bear (with permission and thanks!):


Joola Maxxx 450

  • 45 degrees
  • red max
  • 68-70 grams uncut
  • used with adidas challenge speed blade (all wood clipper like blade)


This Maxxx 450 rubber is one of the 3 in the Maxxx series. this is the medium hardness sponge of the 3. The sponge seemed medium but the top-sheet felt softer when i compared it with the Rhyzm.



The sponge is almost identical to that of the Tenzone Ultra or Tibhar evolution series. Compared to the Rhyzm, the Maxxx 450 have a more porous sponge with larger holes. It is also less denser than the Rhyzm Sponge. The topsheet has a different design than the Rhyzm because it has longer pips and the spacing between pips looks wider.



The M450 has a semi-loud “tonk” sound when I was hitting with it in my forehand. I could feel the ball compress against rubber more than the Rhyzm because of its softer topsheet and sponge. The Challenge SPeed blade being an off+ blade when used with the M450 felt as an off set up not off+ but close to it. I didn’t feel that it was too fast. It was like the speed of the Donic BF M2. In fact, the Rhyzm was faster by a margin and has a longer trajectory. I felt more comfortable using the M450 in my backhand because it was very easy to use.

The Acuda S2 was my favorite backhand rubber, if not for its poor durability I would still be using it up until now, felt close to the M450 but with a softer topsheet. The M450 is very spinny. It felt spinnier than the Rhyzm. I think the strength of the M450 is on being able to produce spin easily when doing top spins. You do not need to dig deeper into the sponge for the ball in order to make good loops.




Inside the table, drop shots seem a lil bouncy but controllable and can be adjusted to. flicks against backspin are good. This is more of a mid distance rubber. Very fast close to the table but doesn’t feel too fast far from the table. Mid distance this rubber really shines in spinny counter loops especially when doing with sidespins on the counter. When I was countering with it, the ball compresses well against the sponge adding more spin and power to the shot.




I think it feels closer to the tenzone ultra in terms of the sponge but the topsheet is identical to that of the BF series or the Evo series.