Joola Tango Extrem Review

Rubber dynamics on a world elite level. The unique TENSOR Technology proves all its advantages with the TANGO EXTREM.

TANGO EXTREM has speed, click and spin like a repeatedly speed glued rubber. Last year’s shooting star, the only 20 years old Europe Top 12 player Gina Potà, is enthusiastic about the TANGO EXTREM and takes advantage of the TENSOR Technology.


  • Type: ALL / OFF+
  • Density: 45
  • Speed: 100
  • Spin: 95
  • Control: 74


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Joola Tango Extrem Reviews:

Review 1:

It’s like a faster version of the popular Joola Tango. The sponge is firmer than the original Tango, giving it more speed but not quite as much ‘speed glue’ effect, but still very good. A great rubber IMO and also very popular. Spin is huge, speed is high but not uncontrollably high, durability is quite good for a Tensor rubber, but obviously less than more conventional rubbers. Works best of stiffer and harder blades.


Review 2: (author unknown):

Very good quality on these rubbers, very durable.

Smashes, flat hits and powerful drives are excellent with this rubber, if yet, difficult to master. With the very low throw of these rubbers u have to really swing fast to make sure the ball does not end up in the net. When u do however hit ur shots correctly u are rewarded with extreme speed for smashes and extreme speed and spin for drives. Very nice arc as well. When u drive, be sure to make heavy use of the sponge and use ur wrist alot. Speed 10, spin 9.

Quite outstanding flicks aswell, a joy to flick with.

This rubber also blocks well (or maybe excellent (im not an expert on blocks)).

Ive used these rubbers on a Stiga Tube Offensive, which is a very good blade, quite stiff and hard, and it worked really well. Only thing is i hit the edges too often. I will try a Stiga Offensive Oversize later.

Defensive play is much tougher. When I was new to these rubbers, control for me was like 1-5. Ive used these rubbers now for several years and as u get used to them, the control for me is now more like 6-9. So I rated control at 6.

Pushing with spin is not good with this rubber, but u can always just put the ball back over the net with placement.

Chops are very difficult to control, but when u do get them right they are very spinny and hard to return well.

Service is not excellent, but quite good if u work at it. Can produce quite spinny serves.

The thing I really miss when using these rubbers is brush looping, especially brush looping using only the top sheet, u can almost forget about that with these rubbers. U have to use the sponge more or less when looping with this rubber. Normal slow loops are not very good either.

Opening loops over the table are surprisingly good though, i mean, not excellent but surprisingly good.

For offensive play i like this rubber very much in 2.1 on my backhand for flicks, smashes and loops/drives. Its Great.

The same goes for forehand, excellent offensive shots.
However I find this rubber way too static on my forehand, even in 1.8. I miss the brush loops.

I cant see why other reviewers have rated this rubber to have many gears. The only gears I have found that is worth buying the rubber for is: (1) maximum speed on smashes (2) maximum speed and spin on powerdrives (3) Great flicks. And perhaps (4) Good enough opening loops.

Im gonna go back to non-tensor on my forehand, i think ill even try something a bit tacky, like lkt red diamond, cream transcend, gambler shadow etc.

Besides i think ill try something cheaper on my backhand as well, prolly the dawei insprit series rubbers (from colestt). Maybe also palio macro era. But when my curiosity for other rubbers wear off and my wallet improves I think Ill go back to this one.

PS This is definitely a Tensor rubber. On the specs from manufactor (on this page) it says its not a Tensor. That should be changed DS