Video review of the new plastic table tennis ball

Here is another review of the new “Poly” ball, the plastic ball that the ITTF proposes should replace the current celluloid balls. This detailed video review, from my friend and OOAK forum member Debater.

This review outlines how the proposal came about, and shows some detailed video on the performance compared to the current celluloid ball and the former 38mm celluloid ball.



This a highly informative video, well worth watching!


Part 2:

Here is part 2 of this detailed ball review, looking at aspects such as rebound speed, bounce, throw angle and spin capabilities.


Part 3:

Here is part 3 of this detailed ball review, where we hear about players experiences and perceptions, and the conclusion about the new balls.


I personally don’t agree with some of their opinions and findings, but of course their opinions are just as valid as mine. In particular my perception of the bounce was quite different…I found it bounced noticably higher and was more bouncy off the blade, making it harder to drop it low and short.

I also thought the spin and trajectory felt quite different.

I surely hope more of us get to try this new ball and get the opportunity to voice their opinions to their National Associations and the ITTF, because since the ITTF notified the manufacturer that the balls will change to the new ones in 2014, it almost certainly means manufacturer will cease production of the celluloid balls, so we’d be stuck with the new balls whether they’re any good or not!

Have you been informed about the new ball?