Stiga Intensity NCT & Intensity Carbon Review



STIGA INTENSITY NCT.   Intensity is the 21st century light weight weapon for powerful offensive play. It delivers fantastic long ball trajectory with good speed.  If you are a controlled attacker you will appreciate this balanced design.


STIGA NCT INTENSITY CARBON.  The light weight, speed, and fantastic trajectory of the Intensity NCT blade are enhanced by adding two CARBON layers. This adds superb power and speed to all of your strokes. Competitors who play an intense offensive game will take advantage of the extra touch and speed of the Intensity Carbon to rise to their highest level.


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Reviews by Yogi Bear (with permission and thanks!):

Got these 2 blades from Stiga and it seems that very few people have tried these blades so Stiga sent me to make a review upon my request.

Intensity NCT

Blade head Size: 149x157mm
Weight: 85 gms
Plies: 5 (walnut? – spruce? – ayous – spruce? – walnut?)
Thickness: 5.1mm
Speed: Off (its between off and off+)
Test Rubbers: Stiga Magna TS II 2.0mm red & black, Dawei 388A Sprungfeder G3
This blade has a good quality finish though the rough handle and neck needed sanding a lil bit but not a problem really. I had to add varnish on the naked parts especially on the handle because i wanted to preserve the blades beauty especially the handle.
The white stripes are better to look at against the brown contrast when sealed also. Somebody told me that the outer ply is walnut and  the center ply is ayous.
The blade has a very nice and loud sound. its thin
but its fast due to the NCT coating. Doing fh to fh and bh to bh drive drills with this baby is suprising because it very fast. I would say its faster than the rosewood 5 and slower than the ebenholz 7. a lady friend of mine who is a national player and uses rosewood 5 with T05fx says that the intensity nct is very fast with the 2.0mm magna ts. she hits the ball through the sponge when driving the ball. i would say the intensity nct produces solid shots.
Control is the same level as the maplewood 5.. faster than maplewood 5 but has the same level of vibration which is very less compared to the ebenholz and rosewood blades. Despite the speed its still a looping blade offering very good control for the shots. despite the stiffness it has some flex which is good for looping. I would say the dwell time for this average. For me average dwell time is good. by my standards Stiga Offensive classic blades have above average dwell time but are slower than the I-NCT. Looping was fairly easy the blade didn’t feel head heavy even when i changed my forehand to a dawei chinese rubber. Overall this is a balanced blade with minimal vibration. Among the stiga 5 ply all wood blades i think this is the most under rated.

Intensity Carbon

Blade head size: 149x157mm
Weight: 88 gms
Plies: 7 walnut? – spruce? -carbon -ayous – carbon – spruce? – walnut?
Thickness: 5mm
Speed: Off+
Test Rubbers: Stiga Magna TS II 2.0mm red & black, Dawei 388A Sprungfeder G3
Sweet Spot: Large
It’s the same construction with the I-NCT but is reinforced with 2 carbon layers. I just need somebody to tell me if this is limba top ply and ayous center core because Stiga wouldn’t tell me the layers.
On a ball bounce test with no rubbers on seems to be promising. It has a loud tonk sound and has a large sweetspot about 1 1/2 inch from the lateral parts of the blade. The blade was very fast on my first few tries with the stiga magna ts 2.0 on both sides and still fast with the G3 sprungfeder. If combined with the medium or soft rubber this blade is a loud whacking sound. It has a louder sound than the tube aluminum, T-11 or Black Devil. I would rate this blade as faster than the primorac blade but slower than a sardius or schlager carbon. It still can loop well both on the fh and bh with fast rubbers or chinese rubbers. On mid distance and long distance attacks and counters, this blade shines more. The control is good despite the very fast speed. On a short game the drop shots and flicks are above average controllable and good not much of a problem on these strokes. So far I think this is the lightest and thinnest stiga carbo blade i have ever tried. It has a combined feel of a stiga titanium or titanium 5.4 blade but with less vibration and better balance.

Overall these 2 blades are worth the try, despite their hefty prices they are worth it. I would recommend the Intensity NCT for players who want a faster but thinner looping blade that offers speed and control. Soft to medium hardness rubbers are ideal for the I-NCT’s stiffness and for those who love the loud whacking sound of their set ups i would suggest they choose a soft rubber.
I want to recommend the I-carbon for advanced players who wanted a lighter carbon blades that offers more solidity on their shots compared to using light balsa carbon blades. To players who want to dominate in their attacks mid and far distance from the table this is the blade for you guys.
I reckon these blades are under rated because as what many people say, “many people don’t want to try the new blades from stiga unless somebody has tried and reviewed them. guess what. you will not be disappointed with these 2 blades.