In my association with OOAK Shop, I glue a LOT of table tennis bats, including those with pimple rubbers.

If you’ve ever glued a pimple rubber without sponge to your blade, you’d probably know how easy it comes off in the place where you finger rests on the rubber, which is very annoying!

Here’s a real handy tip for avoiding this.

Full credit of this tip goes to Elvis56 from OOAK Forum!

Step 1:

To start with, glue the rubber on as usual, but don’t cut it yet. If you’ve not glued an OX rubber before at all, I’d advise you to read my other article, titled Gluing a long pimple rubber without sponge – a novel new way! I still use this method for all the bats I glue for the shop, and it works fantastic!

Step 2:

When you cut the rubber, leave a large overhang on the corner where your finger would normally rest, as pictured:


Step 3:

Now apply some glue to the EDGE of the blade as well as the rubber bit extending beyond the blade edge, so that it can be folded over the edge when dried, as shown below:


Step 4:

Now all you need to do is cover it with edge tape (not really required but looks better), and it will look just as it normally does:


I’ve tried this to my own bat (pictures), and it works like a charm, and it’s not come loose at all after a few sessions.