Joola Razor Reviews


A long pimple novelty. The rubber has been developed in conjunction with probably the best European long pimple block player, the many times cadet and junior champion, Amelie Solja.

JOOLA RAZOR is designed for the player who actively seeks disturbing effect at the table. The new fabric strutcture of the rubber ensures that the pimples are long lasting and can easily be controlled. The “flap” effect is extremely developed and presents even experienced topspin players with big problems. JOOLA RAZOR – The cut-throat answer to even hardest topspin shots.

JOOLA RAZOR – never before have long pimples been so successful.


  • Type: DEF- / ALL
  • Density: 40
  • Speed: 68
  • Spin: 84
  • Control: 72


Razor, by Bogeyhunter  Source: Forum Thread:

This I my first and only one F-less so I don’t know what to compare to. I’ll give it a shot.
It’s easy to attack any underspin balls.
Produce lots of wobble, less than SB or HM original.
Pretty fast for blocking, very good against lower level (under US 1800) but not good blocking over US rated 2000.
I tried that Solja’s punch block…it’s VERY easy to do and can to disrupt opp’s tempo but not fast enough to kill.
I’m surprised that it’s pretty easy to chop too and believe me chopped ball is not super heavy but more than moderate(7/10)
when receive U-spin, I can’t chop or push, it pop up….gotta lift or attack which very good player will wait for it.
Real weakness is when opp does drop shot my chop, the only choice is to float or lift. Razor can’t produce any rotation to prevent strong attack.
It’s not designed to play away from table. I don’t think Razor will be a popular choice in long run, maybe in woman tournament, because 1. It’s not fast enough to kill….just to make opp annoyed. 2. a bit too fast for blocking. 3. Sometime pips bend, balls catch grippy side- pop up. sometimes balls skid on non-grippy surface….unpredictable.

Note: I’m a chopper, not a blocker. My review might not be accurate as F-less users review.