Tibhar 1Q rubber reviews


From your first shot you will notice the difference. Thanks to the SPI Technology Optimization, Tibhar have produced a rubber combining the biggest speed glue effect of their entire rubber range. THE fastest, most dynamic rubber with high arc – the robust rubber surface enables an explosive game rich in spin. The basic principle of the OPTRA technology (Optimized Trajectory – Optimized ball curve) was also improved giving a real boost to your game, and giving your opponent a hard time controlling and returning your shots. 1Q – at the edge of your potential without exceeding your limits.

  • Spin 105
  • Speed 115
  • Control 65
  • OFF +

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Reviews by Yogi Bear (with permission and thanks!):


I received the Tibhar 1Q’s from the company itself plus the Illusion Killer blade of which I used as a test blade also. This is the latest rubber from Tibhar and opening it from the packaging brought excitement to me. The red rubber has a topsheet similar that of the Joola Rhyzm, Andro Hexer HD and Acuda S1 Turbo. The uncut rubber has designs on the bilateral and upper corner parts. iIt doesnt interfere with the rubber continuity though unless you are using an oversized chopping blade.



  • Rubber: Tibhar 1Q max (2.1mm) red and black
  • Blade: Tibhar Illusion killer (all wood 7 ply off blade)
  • Glue: Elmer’s rubber cement
  • Uncut Size: 172x175mm (a bit larger than regular tibhar rubbers due to the designs made on the sides. it doesn’t have the regular square shape but rather has convex sides and a concave upper part)
  • Uncut Weight: 67.6 gms
  • Sponge Hardness: more or less equivalent to a DHS 36-37 degree sponge hardness




Fh to FH; BH to BH driving:

The loud “tok” sound when driving the ball is very evident. The ball sinks beautifully into the sponge giving the rubber an extra kick when driving the ball. I tend to brush the ball a lot eventhough Im hitting the ball through the sponge. The arc was medium to high when driving and the speed is the same with the tibhar aurus.

Serves, Receiving serves and pushing:

Serving was very spinny and produced low flying underspin serves. receiving sidespin serves and other spinny serves werent a problem since this rubber’s sensitivty to incoming spin is only average. Pushing is good too. Short pushes are very easy to perform.


I was a bit surprised when I fh looped a hard underspin ball that instead of a high throw even with a late contact on the ball, the ball cleared the net with only an inch or 2. Nevertheless it was very spinny for a slow loop. This rubber is spinnier than the Aurus regular. You could say that the Tibhar Genius is Spinnier than the 1Q on slower loops but on power shots and far away from the table or middle distance, the 1Q performs better. The 1Q is also very forgiving on your shots. On loop drives or spin drives, 1Q performs better than doing slow loops. On bh loops, I fell in love with the 1Q. I had used the Acuda s2 for a long time, the Joola Rhyzm didnt give me enough spin but the 1Q offered both spin and viciousness on my bh loops like the way I had with the Acuda s2.

Blocking & countering:

Because of its average sensitivity with incoming spin I didn’t have any hard time blocking loops. Countering was great mid distance from the table to far from the table distance. Sidespin counter loops have a very profound arc.


At first this rubber felt a lil soft but when i transferred it to a stiga intensity nct blade it felt a lil bit firmer and it was good now for smashing.

Short game:

I did well doing dropshots and flicks both on the fh & bh. The 1Q offered great control on both shots.
I shifted to the 1Q after testing it for 3 hrs. I made it my bh rubber immediately because it was like I was using a rubber with the feel of a Xiom Vega Europe or Asia, the speed of the Aurus regular and the spin of the regular Genius. i would recommend this to players who play mid distance to far away from the table with a lot of countering and looping in their shots. I would also recommend this to players who are looking for a fast, spinny backhand rubber with a medium soft feel.