Tibhar 1Q XD rubber Review

1Q is now available in a newer version, 1Q XD. This new version possesses a higher potential of penetration. The adhering rubber surface and the harder sponge confer even more energy to the strokes realised by Topspin players making no concession. 1Q XD, supported by the SPI-Advanced-Technology, is the ideal rubber for the professional players able to develop a good arm and wrist acceleration. The fast and aggressive playing characteristics are completed by the perfect link between the passive ball and the aggressive adversary strokes, resulting in outstanding precision at high speed!

  • Speed: 119
  • Spin: 111
  • Control: 82


Reviews by Yogi Bear (with permission and thanks!):

I got me to review the Tibhar 1Q XD from Tibhar Germany and its quite a rubber. same topsheet with the original 1Q with different sponge hardness. Its red topsheet is slightly ligther in color similar to the color of S1 turbo and Rhyzm.

The sponge is close to being considered a hard sponge by a few notches. Its medium hard according to Tibhar. It comes with a quality and shiny packaging unfortunately it does’t come with an adhesive rubber cover. I believe companies should provide adhesive plastic protectors that comes free upon buying their high end rubbers.
  • Rubber: Tibhar 1Q max (2.1mm) red and black
  • Blade: Tibhar Xeon Sensitec blade
  • Glue: Elmer’s rubber cement
  • Uncut Size: 172x175mm
  • Uncut Weight: 71 gms
  • Sponge Hardness: medium hard

The XD comes with a poruos white sponge as compared to the orange porous sponge of the original 1Q. And no the sponeg doest get damaged easily. it is durable enough. I was removing glue yesterday and it held out pretty fine.



The good:

Flat Hitting – upon trying it on a fh to fh and bh to bh drill i was really impressed by its ability to hit the ball accurately with it coupled by a very fast speed. The xd produces a very loud sound especially when partnered to a hard blade like the rosewood XO. for off- blade users, the xd was good enough when i used it with the sensitec xeon in that it was very controllable while at the same time maintained a fast ball in driving.
Smashing Рit was a pleasure whacking the ball with the xd. its like smashing with a harder bryce speed. it maybe even as fast as  bryce speed.
Countering – its ideal distance is mid-far from the table distance. countering loops or if you are in a counterlooping situation provides enough edge as this rubber has a long and sharp trajectory enabling you to land the ball on the other side even at far distances.
Loop driving – its hard sponge enables one to do loop drives with almost similar to using a chinese rubber. i found out that due to its hard sponge it was better if i brush the ball instead of hitting it flat with the sponge. this enabled me to spin more the ball. looping with it was average only because it wasnt meant for looping but for loop driving strokes. looping caused the ball to have a low throw.
pushing and serves – for a hard rubber this performed good or should i say above average on pushing the ball loaded with spin. also it was above average on serves especially doing fast side spin serves.

the bad:

too fast for beginners – i suggest people who are rated 1500 or below shouldnt use this. if you would like to, use an ALL+ blade like the Icon Sensitec or the Texo All+ at maybe 2.0mm.
a bit heavy – at 71 grams uncut this is heavier than tenergy 05. the solution would be using ligther all wood blades that tibhar offers.


An excellent variant of the Q series, I think I’m keeping it in my backhand for a few more days in order to see what it really can do. I was more impressed with this than the 1Q. The 5Q is still the forehand rubber I use up to now.