Tibhar Aurus Soft Review


TIBHAR AURUS SOFT.   The softer version offers better control due to enhanced sponge absorption ability.  This energy loaded rubber is ideal for spin rich strokes with good ball control. It is very well adapted for the varying spin attack game due to delivering tight curved ball trajectories.


  • Speed: 104
  • Spin: 112
  • Control: 95
  • Made in Germany


Reviews by Yogi Bear (with permission and thanks!):

I received the Tibhar Aurus Soft from Tibhar Germany together with other stuff which I have reviewed earlier. I wanted to try the aurus soft because I was not a bit happy with the regular Aurus because for me it needs a little more spin.
  • Tibhar Aurus Soft black and red max
  • Weight – 60-62 grams uncut
  • size – 170x170mm
  • hardness – it says soft but its really medium when i pressed my finger on it.
  • speed – off
  • blade – Tibhar Sigma Sensitec blade
  • glue – elmer’s rubber cement


This 37 euro rubber is an ESN rubber and has smaller pores compared to the 1Q and 5Q rubbers. It’s not as heavy as the s1 turbo and slightly lighter than the regular Aurus.
The good:
good speed – not too fast and not as fast as the regular aurus, 1q or 5Q. Lesser speed than the calibra LT+ rubbers but still bouncy on slow and fast strokes. it less faster than the regular aurus but it has better feel on the ball when the ball partially sinks into the sponge when you are driving the ball.
above average spin – unlike the regular aurus which I find really needing a bit more spin on my shots, the aurus soft is spinnier by some laps. teh regular aurus has a low arc on loops. the aurus soft has a slightly higher arc like medium high.
Looping – good looping rubber. Medium arc and with spin. I enjoyed it better as a backhand rubber.
high control – very controllable on fast shots because of its medium sponge and good feel when hitting the ball. blocking is also very good since this rubber is very controllable even on punch blocks
the bad:
I can’t think of anything though I can say it doesn’t have properties that stand out among its other tibhar brothers except maybe for its good control.
I would rather have this as a backhand rubber. It was a good backhand rubber while using it with the Tibhar sensitec blade and 5Q on the fh. For blocking, bh loops and counters this is a good choice. Also good for intermediate players who want a faster rubber but not too fast and still offer control and spin. A 7.5/10 rubber in performance.