Tibhar Aurus Sound rubber Reviews

The more gentle cousin of Aurus. Aurus Sound retains the super soft rubber surface but is combined with a soft 35° sponge. The result is fantastic feeling and mega spin rich energy loaded possibilities. The integrated SPI (Speedglue-Effect-Inside) technology gives extreme catapult reaction to the ball. The exclusive transparent rubber surface ensures stability and a long-life expectancy.

The softest version of Aurus produces a great sound and pure playing pleasure. The balanced playing sensation of the soft sponge and the elastic rubber surface are adapted to players who do not want to give up energy-loaded strokes, although missing some training hours. The SPI technology combined with the soft sponge confers an extraordinary sound.


  • Speed 100
  • Spin 113
  • Control 70
  • Sponge: 35deg


Reviews by Yogi Bear (with permission and thanks!):



  • Tibhar Aurus Sound black and red max
  • Weight – 58-60 grams uncut
  • size – 170x170mm
  • hardness – medium soft (already soft for my liking)
  • speed – off-
  • blade – Tibhar Xeon Sensitec blade, Texo ALL+, Icon Sensitec
  • glue – elmer’s rubber cement


The softest and slowest among the Aurus series, the aurus sound is the most controllable and user friendly among the 3. By my standards its the easiest rubber of the 3 to produce spin because of its soft sponge that enables you to grip the ball better. It has the same topsheet as with the other 2 auruses but differed just in the hardness of the sponge. They have the same serial numbers.
On the xeon blade, the aurus sound was a loud whacking machine. The moment the ball comes in contact with the sponge people in room would turn heads trying to see what kind of a set up am i using. On the fh to fh and bh to bh drills, it wasn’t as bouncy as its 2 brothers because I was liek doing my full swings on the fh drives and still it wasn’t too fast.
On loops, it was really good close to the table. I think slow spinny loops is good for this rubber in which for 2 types of player like – a developing player who doesn’t need a fast rubber but needs a slower set up that enables him to make the ball sink into the sponge and brush spin it or an intermediate or advanced player that wanted a soft rubber to loop with but uses a very stiff carbon blade that is very fast. Either of the 2 works well with the aurus sound.
Blocking is the other good quality of this rubber. Against fast and strong attacks, blocking isn’t a problem. Also the topsheet isn’t sensitive to incoming spin.
This is an all around rubber near the table. At best advanced players can use this in their set up as a backhand rubber.